Win32.Softomate supposedly is "deleted" when i upgraded ZA spyware [paid for*] to ZA Internet sec. suite [trial]

When i scanned for the trojan, it came up as usual, this time i quarantined then deleted the trojan right away; two reboots later and some internet surfing, Win32.Softomate 'seems' to be eliminated.

My question is should I re-install my ZA spyware edition w/ my [paid for*] license key? and continue using that,

Or should i uninstall ZA Internet security suite [trial] *(upgraded from bought ZA Spyware)

So it's either uninstall the trial which would make me vulnerable for at least 10 minutes without the high-level protection of the ZA Internet Security Suite then directly to reinstalling of fresh copy of ZA Spyware ed. and then entering my bought license key.

I'm just not sure if i go either way = reinstalling [spyware edition] OR uninstalling [INT SEC. SUITE: trial] then reinstalling [SPYWARE edition: bought] would that SOMEHOW let the passive/hidden trojan become active again?

if having the degree of protection ZA Spyware and then deleting the trojan didn't do the trick, THEN, installing the upgrade to the level of protection that the ZA Internet sec. suite [trial] and then deleting trojan DID DO the trick, then what happens after the trial runs out?.. i'd be forced to go back to ZA Spyware [bought*]

How definate is the assumption that the trojan won't come back to screw me over again?

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