Greetings,I am running ZAP version 6.5.722.000 with current spyware DAT version 01.200608.330Three days agoafter ZAP Anti-Spyware performed its update, it requested that I reboot. I did.After my system came back online,the ZAP Anti-Spyware performed a scan. It reported that Ihad the "Win32.Softmate" Trojan and that its risk was high.I can not find any information on Zonelabs website pertaining to this annomaly. I have runSpyware Doctor, Symantec AV, TrendMicro's AV, and Kapersky'sscanners (at different times) inSafeMode on this machine andeach reportsa clean machine with nothing found.When I try looking it up on some of the AV forums I come up empty.A Zonelabs tech stated in a followup email that I have a trojan.When I attempt to quarantine it and/or delete it,then re-run the scan, it returns.Also, it appears that it, or something elseisdaily de-activating my Norton Anti-Virus.On another note, the same scan also reports I have the Win32.Yok trojan. I read variousthreads and am assuming from the reports listed that Win32.Yok is a False-Positive.Thank you for your assistance.TomWindows XP SP2ZoneAlarm Pro V 6.5.722.000--------------------------------------

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.5