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Thread: Win 32.yok showing up in spyware scan as a Trojan. This was previously reported as a false positive

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    raisinfeet Guest

    Default Re: Win 32.yok Digging Deeper and Apologies to Spyware Doctor

    Having read your comments re win 32.yok I have uninstalled spyware doctor Hey Presto no win 32.yok.It is obvious that S.D is the culprit.Is S.D worth bothering with.

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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Win 32.yok This problem is fixed!

    Hello Raisinfeet,

    The problem was never with Spyware Doctor. It just got ahead of ZA in its spyware prevention.

    ZA has now caught up with Spyware Doctor, and todays download of spyware data file version 01.200609.340 corrects the ZA problem.

    Running ZA spyware now shows a clean scan with the Spyware Doctor registry entry in place to prevent the Win32.Yok (actually estalive).

    This should end this problem.


    Message Edited by Tony_A on 09-06-2006 02:59 PM

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