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Thread: Win32.Stration.T worm

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    hfackler Guest

    Default Win32.Stration.T worm

    Can't seem to find any tools or help for removing this from my system. Just showed up in virus scan. Am using ZoneAlarm and bundled CA anti-virus software. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks HAF

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Win32.Stration.T worm

    It was added to VET (CA/ZA) anti-virus signatures Version 30.3.3070 (Engine Version 30.3.3006).Apparently, NOD32 anti-virus can remove it too.PS - Don't run two ant-virii software at the same, they'll get into each other's way.

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    hfackler Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Stration.T worm

    Thanks for the help. Am using only anti-virus software included with Zonelabs download, which indicated an update before worm was detected. I will try another update then rescan. Sorry for this, but am unfamiliar with terms below:

    It was added to VET (CA/ZA) anti-virus signatures Version 30.3.3070 (Engine Version 30.3.3006).
    Apparently, NOD32 anti-virus can remove it too.

    and will assume they refer to definitions that will enable ZoneAlarm to identify and remove offending worm, which doesn't seem to be using resources to do anything yet.

    Thanks again

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