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Thread: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

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    jimclark Guest

    Default Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    Ok, I have a similar detection of this Trojan. I also run EWIDO Professional (which has not found this trojan).

    After running ZASS latest Version 6.5 etc., it says that the "Treatment" has "Quarentined" it. However, quarentined means it is still there, just sort of "jailed" if you know what I mean.

    What I want to know is, HOW do I just not quarentine it?
    How do I DELETE it?

    Does Quarentine mean it is deleted? Or am I right in thinking quarentine just means it has been moved to a quarentine area to be inactivated?

    I see I am not the only one who has updated to ver 6.5 and got a detection of this trojan.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    Possible ZA false alarm as other user has reported find the trojan with ZA but not other products.

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    camel Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    hi jim,

    i found this as well while scanning my system, to answer your question go to the antispyware/anti virus tab -> quaintined view tab on top -> then press delete on the bottom left hand corner. i could be wrong but it could be a false reading, have you got a program called Gimp at all? when i went into the registry to investigate it lead me to WINGTK-2_is2 which is part of the Gimp program. hope this helps.


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    jimclark Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    Thanks, I went to the tab and did that. It deleted the trojan. No, I do not have GIMP, but I have thought about using it. However, I use Paint Shop Pro, which is my preferred program for artwork. Again, thanks. I appreciate the feedback and advice

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    jimclark Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    No, I actually had this trojan, according to ZASS. I just needed to find out how to DELETE it from quarentine.
    Thanks for the advice.

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    dynasoar Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    Another false alarm for Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2: ZASS "found" it in Audacity, an open source audio recording and editing program from Sourceforge. This was just minutes after System Mechanic's security software (Spython) ran and didn't detect anything. ZASS still thinks it has this trojan quarentined. I hope what ever is triggering this isn't part of the program itself, because this could crash it.

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    deadhell Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    I got this as well. Im gussing its fake and put there by Zone Alarm its self to make u think its actualy doing sumit.

    Just quarentine it then go to the quarantine section in the anti-spyware link and click on the trojan name and click delete.

    should work i think

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    deadhell Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    also from what i am reading it sounds it goes into a choen registry froma whole list pending if you have the program that corosponds with the registry.

    I have it in a shareaza reg others have it in different...

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    rknee Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    Sanning Status:
    RegistryKey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall\WinGTK-2_is1

    Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2 flagged for Medium Risk Trojan>

    I do have Gimp and have had for a while....

    Can someone please verify?
    Is this a false positive?


    Operating System: Windows XP Home
    Product Name: ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version: 6.5

    Message Edited by RKnee on 09-17-2006 06:48 PM

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    zedzzizz Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.Spy.DeskAd.2

    Hi all,

    I get this trojan alert as well. I have installed GIMP and it's absolutely fantastic for an open source photo editor, so I want to keep it!!

    The last time I had one of these alerts coming out of nowhere, it was at work with AVG and it started with a data file update. A critical file on our software development system was flagged as a virus. We had hundreds of copies of it on our network on just about every machine. A few days later after the next virus data file update the alert dissappeared again, luckily.

    I hope this will be the case as well. I can back track where I got my Gimp install files from if necessary.

    Rgds Zed.

    ZASS 6.5.737.000, True Vector 6.5.737.000, Driver v 6.5.737.000, AV Eng, Dat 11.9.9981.000, Anti-Spy, Dat 01.200609.355, AntiSpam,

    Intel Centrino Duo T2300, 1GB RAM, Windows XP Pro

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