ZA Security Suite 6.5.737.000
TV security eng ver. 6.5.737.000
Driver Ver 6.5.737.000
Anti-virus Vet eng DAT file ver 11.9979.000
Anti-spyware DAT file ver 01.200609.355
AntiSpam ver

Recently I've noticed continued alerts from ZA for a file "mswinup" to access the internet. I have denied them, while trying to discover what the file is. I ran ZA spyware and virus scans and they failed to find any malware. Some internet sites listed this program (mswinup) as malware. Is it?

During the scan I notices one of the files being canned was named "Shadow32" - a very suspicious name. Internet searches indicated the file could be malware or part of some key logger program which I have never knowingly installed. (I have to conclude from this, that my version must be malware.)

My issue is why isn't zonealarm finding these files during scans????

Lastly, I keep getting this "zaspy.dll" (That's not the exact name. Can't remember it right now.) "not found" error message when ZA tries to analyze any file I retrieve from the internet. I've seem some messages about this error but none that have helped me fix the problem.

I would like some help in getting the most out of ZA if my settings are the problem, and comments on what software others are using to make up for ZA's shortcomings if in fact ZA is missing these spyware files.

Thanks in advance.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5