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Thread: Win32.askyaya

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    henshawj Guest

    Default Win32.askyaya

    Hi Folks
    ZASS has just found "Win32.askyaya" trojan. I have reported it to Zone Labs.
    My anti-spyware DAT file is 01.200609.345.
    ewido, Spyware Doctor and Spybot found nothing.
    Could this be another "false positive" and has anyone else found it?

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    icensnow Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    Hi,ZASSjust startingpicking up "Win.Askyaya" on my machine also.I have the same DAT file - 01.200609.345Spyware Doctor and Webroot Sypsweeper are not finding it.Don't know what to think?

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    icensnow Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    update . . . After ZASS found Win32.Askyaya the first time, I deleted it.I ran ZASS Anti Virus/Spyware again and this time it did not find Win32.Askyaya.

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    henshawj Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    Hi Icensnow
    Just ran ZASS spyware check and, like your setup, mine did not find it.
    Perhaps it's gone to the pub for a pint!!

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    gelsey Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    Oh!...these pesky worms,ZASSjust startingpicking up "Win.Askyaya" on my machine also.I also have the same DAT file - 01.200609.345Spyware Doctor and Spyware Detector are not finding it.Don't know what to think either, however, does seem that Spyware Doctor is a common link?Win2K SP4

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    dwcoffin Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    I just found it on one of the computers at my location. I found this site that talks about the malware.It was quarantined. I couldn't find anything by searching for win32.askyaya, but when I put in askyaya by itself I found several links. This was the most informational.

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    eddie Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    ZASS also found askyaya on my computer and neither spyware doctor nor webroot spy sweeper found it either. Also, I can't run spyware doctor along with ZASS or ZASS continually tries to update and never stops unless I go to MSCONFIG, services and then remove the check mark from PC tools-spyware doctor and reboot. Does anyone have that issue?Thanks,Ed Barr

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    bolehill Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    ZA AV detected this new trojan on my PC for the first timetwo days ago.Maybe it is another false positive, like Win32.yok was? Reassurance needed from some kindly soul about its validity or not, please,as I am feeling very nervous about viruses, trojans and malwareat the moment, especially all these seemingly new ones that start with win32.ThanksNeil

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    roydogan Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    I am have similar problems re Askaya. I delete it when it is detected with ZASS, but it keeps sticking its head up on the next scan. When I stop Spyware Doctor running in the background. the problem goes away.... I am confused perhaps just like others of what to do.... any further clues?

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    ai_tak Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    Tell me the exactregistry key that is being detected (perhaps export that key) and I will try to figure out the nature of the (likely) false positive for you.

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