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Thread: Win32.askyaya

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    Default Re: Win32.askyaya is wont delete please help! :-)

    Best regards.

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    digitalgypsy Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    Did we find out if this is a false positive or not? I'm in the same situation, spyware doctor did not find anything, ZASS found Win32.Askyaya.



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    chippert Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    I've been getting 'win32.askyaya' on my Intelligent Quick Scans of ZA Pro Anti-spyware for the last two weeks.

    I see it's browser helper related. But I use Firefox, not IE.

    I've checked out every forum entry here, still no solution?

    I've done all the suggestions here.
    Searched for all the files that could be the culprit, none found.

    Still comes back.

    So what is the answer to ASKYAYA?


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    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    Have you done a scan with any other malware scanner to see if this is a false positive, or an actual problem? There is AdAware from , Spybot Search and Destroy by and A Squared by
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    chippert Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    yes, I have used spybot, avast, bitdefender.
    None find it except ZA Pro.
    With the thread of problems on here about askyaya, would think this would of been taken care of by now.
    But I see no definitive solutions.
    I've checked out all suggested sites about it.
    I've deleted it with ZA Pro anti-spyware, deleted registry entries.
    Still no luck and no answers from ZA.

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    deepbloo Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    Agreed. I didn't have a problem until this morning when I loaded some utilities from PC User magazine. One of them was Spyware Doctor.

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    ccfromsc Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    Ok, I have to ask the jury: is this a virus or not? is this a not issue? Or have Zone Alarm quarentine it or delete?

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    mgamza Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya

    It must be false positive . It seems that ZA is reporting Spyware Doctor as a win32.Askyaya . I repartitioned and reformatted my HDD, clean installed WindoesXP,completely sterile environment (no Internet browsing). I scanned my computer with ZA and nothing was found. After I installed Spyware Doctor, ZA reported Win32.Askyaya. If I remove Spyware Doctor, ZA reports nothing. After reinstalling Spyware Doctor win32.Askyaya is back.


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    digitalgypsy Guest

    Default Re: Win32.askyaya


    I reformatted my drive and reinstalled windows xp. I downloaded all of the xp patches. I had clean scans until I installed the svg plugin for my browsers. Then ZASS declared I had the askyaya trojan. Spyware doctor 5 with av found no issues. I'm inclined to believe this to be a false positive.

    Digital Gypsy

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