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    jamescha Guest

    Cool backweb-7288971.exe <= Search

    Zone Alarm shows a message &quot;backweb-7288971.exe is trying to access the internet&quot; through some IP address. How can find which program is associated with this file? Is this a definate spyware?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:

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    Spyware! Remove it immediately using your anti-spyware programs, or a Kodak program! I know, Kodak should not name files like that.

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    naivemelody Guest

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    Backweb is a very common software that is used by various 'legitimate' popular companies, like:
    'HP/Compaq' pc's, Logitech- mice, Kodak- digital cameras, F-Secure -anti-virus software,etc. There is a very interesting and informative article in 'SmartComputing' magazine- October 2006 issue- &quot;Watch Your Back - Avoid BackWeb Problems&quot; by Gregory Anderson. If you want to read
    the article or print it right now, go and type in search for: 'Watch Your Back Avoid BackWeb Problems, SmartComputing' see and click
    &quot;Smart Computing Article-Watch Your Back&quot; . You'll get the full print article, if you try going to SmartComputing website, they won't give you the full article, go to google like I prescribed. Imagine all the HP and Compaq pc's out there with BackWeb, I have a Compaq, and I know for sure that
    my Webroot SpySweeper has a long list of BackWeb files in quarantine, which I think has prevented some of those HP updates/Compaq connections
    from reaching me, oh well.
    Read the article and decide for yourself what you will do. NaiveMelody NYC 10-11-06~11:05pm e.s.t. :8} - don't stop what you're doing - puff daddy/lil' kim

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    When I installed my Logitech drivers for the MX518, spyware went nuts and zapped the Backweb installed by Logitech. Mouse driver still works so no problems on that front.

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    Gee you both live such exciting lives with backweb installed on your machines and all that antispyware

    Best regards.

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