I recently purchased a program called Adware Away because I was infected with the "about:blank" homepage hijacker.
I was running Norton Internet Security 2006 along with Ad-Aware SE Plus 1.06 and everything was set to automatically update and look
for new definitions.
Anyway, I purchased the program Adware Away and it
removed the
"about:blank" hijacker, but I ended up reformatting
and re-installing WinXP and dumping Norton Internet Security and Ad-Aware SE Plus for ZoneAlarm Internet Security (I hope this was a good move...we will see).
Now to the point,
when I run an Adware Away scan, it disables my
ZoneAlarm Secuirty Suite
"load at windows startup feature"
When I reboot
WindowsXP, ZoneAlarm
does not load automatically and when I manually open ZoneAlarm
I notice the check mark has been
removed from "Load ZoneAlarm Security Suite at startup."
I then re-applied the check mark to load at startup and I applied a password to protect ZoneAlarm settings.
I rebooted WinXP and observed ZoneAlarm load with no problems.
I then ran an Adware Away scan and rebooted WindowsXP.
To my surprise, the password protection in ZoneAlarm was not enough to prevent Adware Away from disabling ZoneAlarm's load at startup feature.
In my opinion this is a very severe vulnerability and I know everybody is going to say that Adware Away is a rogue anti-spyware utility, but it's not.
I spent $29.95 on this program and it did what it's supposed to.
Before I purchased it, I read reviews and made sure it was a legitimate program.
The concern here is that if Adware Away can prevent ZoneAlarm Internet Security from loading when WinXP loads, it is safe to assume that any other program can also be designed to defeat the automatic load feature and take advantage in order to
introduce a virus or malware into the system.
All I am saying is that I expected more from the password protection in ZoneAlarm.
The load at startup setting needs to be protected via password so that it is impossible to disable it.
I have contacted Adware Away tech support to notify them that this is happening and I will also notify ZoneAlarm tech support and hopefully a fix will be released soon.
My ZoneAlarm is up-to-date in case anybody is wondering, and this is not the free version.
I purchased a 3-pc license of the Internet Security Suite 6.5.
I welcome any suggestions or comments.

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:

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Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5