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    rectifier Guest

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    ZA keeps finding this but wont fix,quarintine,or delete it....{no help available}.. can anyone tell me how to delete this?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Try this download AVG Anti-Spyware (formally Ewido ) after installing update to the latest defs and run a full system scan.

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    rectifier Guest

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    i ran ewido,,it didn't find anything..only info i could find on this infection was that it is a worm?

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    I am unable to find much information on this. You could try some online scans at

    Download A Squared free
    Start your computer in safe mode and run a full scan from there. While your in safe mode it wouldn't hurt to run another scan with Ewido .

    Let us know how your doing. Good luck

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    rectifier Guest

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    thank you...i will try your suggestions.

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    Your welcome after your done if nothing comes up try a couple more things.
    Go to Kavscan using internet explorer

    Allow the ActiveX download if necessary.
    Once the database has downloaded click Next.
    Click Scan Settings and change the "Scan using the following antivirus database" from standard to extended and then click OK.
    Click on "My Computer" and wait
    Running Kavscan will not fix problems but is very intense and detects most malware. If nothing is detected from any of the scans you have preformed I would be leaning towards this being a false postive but just to make sure go to

    Register, post a Hijackthis log and have the experts take a look.
    Good luck

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    rectifier Guest

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    i downloaded AVG and it found 139 infected objects and cleaned them all...whats up zone alarm???
    it also cleaned the counter.exe file associated with the
    i noticed though that i have a few things in the add remove programs window that i cant delete..>>
    my search bar,,my way speedbar,,smiley central,,show search,,search assistant my way... any way to delete these?

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    You downloaded AVG Anti-Spyware or Anti Virus?

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    rectifier Guest

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    just the anti virus....ohh i just scanned in safe mode with avg and it found the counter.exe file again but didn't heal it...atleast i got rid of all the other things.

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    What did the online scans find?

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