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Thread: FALSE POSITIVE Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus?

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    critterjoe Guest

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    Just did a ZAP spyware scan, and the same alert just showed up on my PC. This was the first time I've ever had a ZAP spyware alert. I left it alone, and accidentally closed the window. Ironically, almost simultaneously an antispyware defs update occurred while I was doing all that. When I repeated the scan, it no longer alerts on that registry key. I didn't change anything in the registry (didn't quarantine or delete) and nothing now alerts. So I'm wondering if the antispyware definitions update that I just received (file 535) corrected it as a false positive.

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: FALSE POSITIVE Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus?

    I saw the same alert pop up on a machine with ZAP 6.1.744.001 installed. I ran AVG AS, Webroot SS 5.2, Spybot S&D, NOD32 2.5 AV and nothing was found by any other program. I allowed ZAP antispyware to quarantine the file and then deleted the quarantined entry. I have not seen the alert on other machines with ZAP installed but an AS definition update might have corrected the issue before those came up with the same alert. It very well could be a false positive. Just as Guru Oldsod recommended ZoneLabs should be notified of the possible false positive AS alert.

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