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    ampers Guest

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    I am using the Security Suite on an up to date Windows XP Pro with the latest Thunderbird email client.

    A scan result is showing this virus. Under treatment it says: "No treatment available" and under risk is says: "High".

    Under Path, the path is so long that there is no way to see where it is.

    Under the Help files there is no explanation on what I can do.

    Can anyonne help as this is urgent by the sounds of it.

    Andrew Taylor - London UK

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    General idea of phishbank

    Lots of phishbank info here>

    and here>;vic-sessionid=EI62jK1Ry83UibdCGvXED1eBLQJojKoFtblTsYk2 ozIkUhj37Oc5!2139044035?VN=Phishbank&x=27&y=7

    But no phishbank. AVG info.

    Try the Ewido to help remove it>

    Best regards.

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    ampers Guest

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    My apologies, this is AVX not AVG.

    On the Zone Alarm site there are dozens of these Phishbank notes, but not yet on the AVX.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    What ZA detected is actually a phishing scam normally in the form of an email. This is neither a Trojan or virus which is the reason there isn't any treatment. Phishing e-mails look like they are sent from trusted sources such as banks.The e-mail may have a link to where you log into a fake site and enter some of your personal information such as username and passwords . To remove find the e-mail in question and delete. If you clicked on a link in the e-mail then you should immediately change all your passwords at your banks site.

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