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Thread: Hijacker--PERSISTENT!

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    I find the best site to get information on a range of things relating to IP addresses is DNSSTUFF.

    To find information about your own connection try Stay invisible.

    The IP address you posted returned THIS following a "whois" query.

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    Best regards.

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    dannyoh Guest

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    Hello to all my helpers out there.

    Thanks for all the advice. Going to DNSStuff helped me to get my email back by changing my IP settings to the right numbers. Now I wonder if I should "risk" fixing the apparently errant 017 numbers in HJT and to find out if that is all I have to do. (There are a few more problematic-looking entries.)

    I'm going to take my query over to Castlecops.

    Thanks again

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    synyster Guest

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    I did a little search and found this...'s a web safety rating from mcafee site advisor.(not that I like mcafee AT ALL but that is what came up in the search.)see if this sheds any light on the problem.other than that I would consider "spybot search and destroy" or "highjack this" and I've had some good success with the "spyware doctor".

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    dannyoh Guest

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    Hey, Slyfox.

    I took your advice, thank you.

    These are the results--the question now being, "what do they mean?"
    All the info presented on the site was more or less Greek to me.

    IPaddress (Somewhere in Amsterdam)
    Subnet mask (Somewhere in California)
    Default Gateway (Same as above)

    My primary and secondary DNS Server numbers are what they should be--but what do those other numbers imply?
    They certainly don't look like they belong.


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    darthsideous Guest

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    Have you tried a product called SUPERAntiSpyware ?
    It may be worth a shot, here is the link.

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    dannyoh Guest

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    Yes. Didn't work.

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    Did you ever receive help with your HJT log at Castlecops?

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    synyster Guest

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    I would try "hijack this" or "spybot" or "rootkit revealer". The hijack this is very powerful so be very careful if you deceide to use it. The same goes for rootkit revealer. Spybot is powerful and at the same time very easy to use, just blow away the recomended nasties.
    good luck.

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