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    Internet suite scanning detected "Win32.SillyDl.AMX" in a folder named "Recycler" (I don't know where that folder came from). The security suite has no treatment for this. I notice that when I click "Learn More", zonelabs has no matching records on this - this is noteworthy to me, because when I did the same in Win2K (I have a dual boot system), there was a page on zonelabs for this, but no treatment. When I put the virus name and the word "removal" in google, as suggested by the help link What to do next, it only locates links to other anti-virus software applications.

    I tried to manually delete the file, but the system wouldn't allow the deletion because it said the file was in use.

    If I recall correctly (from when I had last booted into Win2K), this 'virus' is a trojan. I read the pinned topic in this section by unhappy_viewer, but that appeared to be addressed to ZoneAlarm users. I was under the impression that I should NOT install other anti-virus software when I'm using Internet Suite.

    Any suggestions?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Recycler is the Recyle Bin. Try to empty the Recycle Bin and rescan- the scanner maybe set to place all in the Recycle Bin for disposal and removal.

    Best regards.

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    tsr Guest

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    Ok, thanks. Well, it's sort of odd, you know. In Explorer, on the left where all folders are listed in a tree structure, Recycler appears as a different folder than Recyled - the latter has the recycle bin icon. On the right, when looking at the contents of D:, Recycled - the bin - does not appear on the right, but the folder Recyler does.

    I have dual boot into winXP pro or win2K pro, so just in case, I rebooted into Win2K, to make sure that it wasn't that os's recycle bin was empty. But that still would leave me wondering why, when in XP, if that folder would be inaccessible to me to do with as I wished in WinXP.

    I also noticed that another file appears in the empty recycle bin when I boot up (in XP). However, I emptied the recyle bin again and deleted an extra file in 'recycler' and then scanned that folder again - this time, nothing came up.

    So I guess it's not a problem, albeit that it leaves me scratching my head. :-) Anyway, thank you for the reply.

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