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Thread: Help Please I've VIRUS

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    I use ZoneAlarm security suite 6.5.I have got this virus from one of my friends' flah disk.
    It has a DESKTOP.EXE file that I was able to see in the Flash disk, but I cannot see that file now on my Hard disk.In fact, I cannot make the files visible by "folder options" because the malicious software undues my settings and makes the computer no to show hidden or system files.
    Can anybody help me?

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    ".....desktop.exe is a process which belongs to the Trojan and the FFIsearch Spyware. The Sdbot Trojan is installed on your computer without your knowledge and will spread via network shares, and allows attackers to remote control your computer. The FFIsearch Spyware on the other hand (stored in the %systemroot%\isrvs\ directory) is installed on your computer and will monitor your browsing habits and send information back to it's servers."
    First try with this antispyware:
    If it fails try this one:
    Please post back...
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