Hello. I have Zone Alarm IS 6.5, windows XP media edition, AMD dual core processor 3800 X 64, HP pavilion a1430n, 250 GB HD, 4 GB RAM. In addition to ZAIS, I have AVG free version, spybot, spyware doctor, pc tools registry mechanic, and windows defender. Zone Alarm currently has a virus in lockdown, WIN32.Thorin. The last virus I deleted from quarantine and had lots of problems. So today I do a full scan, and for the first time I see many entries for every file in drive D, which is the recovery drive, and it says ZA tried to scan the files but was unable to. Does this mean I have a virus? Thank you for all help, and your time.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro x64
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5