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    vlopardo Guest

    Default Waucult.exe

    Is waucult.exe a virus?
    Located in the C:\Windows\Prefetch
    ZA 7.0 tells me it is trying to access the internet.

    I also have wuauclt.exe in the same location, C:\Windows\Prefetch

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Waucult.exe

    It belongs to Windows Automatic Update.
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    _sig_ Guest

    Default Re: Waucult.exe

    <blockquote><hr>NNard wrote:
    It belongs to Windows Automatic Update.

    That is the &quot;Win. Auto. Update&quot; but, why is the prefetch file trying to gain internet access? From my limited expirence I've never seen an access attempt from that executable let alone a prefetch file. I could be worng but, I think that there is something not right with a prefetch file trying to access the internet.


    My appologies. I made the dumb mistake of overlooking the misspelling of the &quot;Auto. updates&quot; .exe .

    Message Edited by -SIG- on 02-22-200708:27 PM

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    pedro_venkman Guest

    Default Re: Waucult.exe

    No it doesn't. 'wuauclt.exe' belongs to Windows Automatic Update.
    'waucult.exe' is a new virus.

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    solixo Guest

    Default Re: Waucult.exe

    waucult.exe is a
    virus.wuauclt is a legitimate windows update process

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    kramer Guest

    Default Re: Waucult.exe

    Sorry, Guru NNard, YES, it is a virus and it needs to be removed as soon as possible. Anyone could of made a mistake with this one, as the spelling is so close to the real windows update one. Now let's get rid of this thing. If it was me I would do the following and if it did not solve my problem, then I would go to some other means of getting rid it. But first try the following and hopefully it will be gone.

    Please visit the following sites for an online virus scan:

    BitDefender Free Online Virus Scan
    Make sure you tick AutoClean under Scan Options.

    eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner

    Download Ewido
    After the installation, search for updates and download any available. Start your computer in safe mode, open Ewido, press scanner, complete system scan, fix anything that is found, next run a full virus scan also fix any problems you have. Restart your computer normally and run some more scans with Ewido and your virus scanner, to make sure your clean. If after the second round of scans the trojan still exist we will have to turn off system restore, go back into safe mode again going through the same procedure as before but see if this works first.

    Let us ALL KNOW how you make out and if you need anymore help with this NASTY BUG.

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    Default Re: Waucult.exe

    Is this a waucult.exe or is this in fact wauclt.exe?

    Best regards.

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    rhavey Guest

    Default Re: Waucult.exe

    Just to let you know.
    I have exactly this problem - Ewido did not find it - at least not last week, and Ewido usually finds everything.
    I will try **bleep** and eTrust when I get back to that site.

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