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Thread: Has anyone heard of spyware called "Fun Net"?

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    duster Guest

    Default Has anyone heard of spyware called "Fun Net"?

    HiHas anyone heard of spyware called " Fun net" or something like that.
    I just did an online scan at Trend micros web site, and it found this mail ware called " Fun net".
    Have you ever heard of it, I did search but could not find out anything.My normal anti spyware/ anti-virus programs found nothing before scanning with trend Micros web site.
    The programs I used are Spybot S&D, Adware SE, Windows Defender, and Norton Anti-virus anti spyware.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Has anyone heard of spyware called "Fun Net"?

    If none of the normal installed spyware and anti-virus scanners didn't pick anything up,and they are updated,what you received off of Trends site MAY be a False Positive.Can you tell us were this file is located and its direct path.I am aware of a Trojan which can be disguised as the fun net and this Trojan can be very harmful if it is installed on your computer(which I am doubtful about).Also doing a search on Trends website for Fun Net spyware or virus gives results of every known virus to man so most likely I would say your not infected with anything and its a FP,but you might want to try another on-line scanner,just to put your mind at ease.

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    duster Guest

    Default Re: Has anyone heard of spyware called "Fun Net"?

    Hi FlyYourWay,
    Thanks for reply.
    Ive just run the trend Micros scanner again, and the panda active scanner again, and they both find nothing.
    I have also removed Norton and installed another brand of A/V software, this found nothing too.
    Something did happen the other day which alarmed me

    Could MSN messenger have been the cause- as something strange happened the other day.
    I was just chatting to my friend, and a new line of text opened up from "search" saying that it could not find something, I did not ask for a search, nore did my friend. but we could both see the message. This was like somebody else was in the chat with us.

    And the other thing, my friend keeps using extra smileys IE non MSN smileys.
    this is still in MSN messenger
    Could a worm get to my PC from those smileys?
    I dont use them myself.
    What do you think?

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Has anyone heard of spyware called "Fun Net"?

    At times these chat clients we use do strange things,I don't think you have been infected in any sort of way,if all the scanners came up clean and your computer is acting normal then you should be OK.It might be a glitch or a bug or even a vulnerability with MSN chat.

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