I'm writing this highly critical message in my friend's laptop at the moment... And why's this? It's because my PC always freezes even before my ZASS7 starts up!!!
It so happened that my friend was online using the DSL net, then she decided to install some sort of net filtering program. I'm not sure where she downloaded it, but she got Naomi and installed it. Accordingly, the PC was still fine until she tried to use it by clicking on the program's icon located in
the system tray and she was asked to enter a password. When she managed to enter the password, which
I think was "essential",
the PC froze and so she rebooted the PC. Now everytime I try rebooting the PC, it freezes whenever the program's icon is displayed in the system tray. This is a problem since ZASS7 will not have started up by then meaning I doubt that I'll be able to kill it before it activates.
In addition, I tried starting windows in SAFE mode but whenever the chance for that appears, suddenly my keyboard won't function! In desperation, I even tried changing the boot source but my keyboard suddenly freezes again.
Just so you'd know, using my friend's laptop,
I searched for
"Naomi.exe" in google.com and the first page available was this http://www.spywaredata.com/spyware/m.../naomi.exe.php
and accordingly, 2 out of 6 variants of the program pose a threat to a PC so maybe my friend downloaded the dangerous one.
Please, I need help asap coz that PC was bought not long ago and everything was fine with the ZASS7...
Thanks a lot in advance for your help

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0