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Thread: Effects of crack programs and keygens on your PC

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    Default Effects of crack programs and keygens on your PC

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    Default Re: Effects of crack programs and keygens on your PC

    Disappearing desktop and lost wallpaper, several trojans (all named almost like windows components or as authentic Windows OS components), popups from the taskbar, new folder appear on the harddrive and not just in the Program and WINDOWS directory, user accounts have changed, popups on the desktop, a hijacked IE, poor performing PC, long shutdowns and startups, pretend alerts from the OS that are actually from the infection, pretend Windows security center icons and alerts, new user profiles.... something like that?

    Massive number of alerts from the security applications, when the file and the .exes are opened and executed? When the downloaded files are initialed scanned, the antivirus gives clear warnings of malware? Firewall gives warning or alerts of new outbound connections?

    Nice video. Once I stepped out of Opera (I think the adblocker.css is stopping the video), adjusted the ProtoWall to stop blocking the sites, set the SSM to let the IE7 go to Untrusted Sites, I could finally watch the video.


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