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Thread: Websnitch?

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    ohiocutie Guest

    Default Websnitch?

    X-( I just purchased ZoneAlarm recently. I also have XoftSpySE. My XoftSpyXE does a scan daily and when it does, it finds this "websnitch" **bleep** and my ZoneAlarm doesn't, nor is it stopping it from being in my computer. Noone has access to my computer but myself so I know this "websnitch" was not put on my computer from home, but regardless of how it's getting there, why isn't ZoneAlarm finding it? It says it's located in C:/WINDOWS/exeshl.dllCan anyone tell me how to stop it from getting in my computer?
    Thanks in advance

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Websnitch?

    Hi!XoftspySE is not known to be good application and has raised concern in the past for adware and false positives. It is probably a false positive. Which version of XoftspySE do you have? It seems that they have improved recently but I would personally not trust them (IMO), there are better products out there (e.g. ZASS 7)See here: check here for rouge antispyware programs:,Fax

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    ohiocutie Guest

    Default Re: Websnitch?

    Is it true tho that Websnitch can only be manually installed? If that is the case, I am the ONLY one that uses my computer, and I know I didn't install it. Or are there other ways for it to get in my system?
    My Zone Alarm has never alerted me to having Websnitch in my computer eben went Xoft did.

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    Default Re: Websnitch?

    Guru Fax already pointed out XoftspySE isn't very trustworthy. This may be a false positive but you could run an online scan with a-squared which is trustworthy and also detects websnitch . You'll need to use Internet Explorer to run the scan.

    Please let us know how this turns out or if you need further assistance

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Websnitch?

    As Guru fax and Greb49er, has mentioned it may be a false positive. If it is a real malware on your pc, then using Emsisoft's A-Squared free anti-malware should be able to detect and remove it plus your XoftSpyXE, claims of detection, it should be able to remove it, yes. There is a high probability that it is a false positive, but,
    it may be due to some bad habits that XoftSpy, is pulling ,again. XoftSpy, was once listed as one of at least 200+ 'rogue/suspect
    anti-spyware' who used various deceptive
    practices on the net. Please read the link that was provided by Guru fax, it tells all.
    My 'personal recommendation': if the cost of XoftSpy
    is something you can live with, completely
    uninstall/delete it from your pc and try one of two anti-malware softwares from Webroot SpySweeper or PCTools SpywareDoctor, at a cost. There are at times particular issues with these two and ZA, on rare occasions. Don't install both and ZA. If you want more safe and stable, there are a small bunch of free and trustworthy
    security software that is listed in
    , these
    I would recommend first instead
    of Webroot and Spyware Doctor, just for starters. Later, if you feel more comfortable and confident, you
    can try Webroot and SpywareDoctor.
    As to how
    you got 'websnitch'=[if it is a false positive,as we believe- XoftSpy- probably put it
    there on purpose to pursuade you to buy their software=(deceptive practices) ]
    or any kind of malware on your pc, do you enter live chat rooms, MySpace, YouTube, share music files, any music or video interests/websites/media players, instant messenging,
    etc. - the bad guys- use 'social engineering' to discreetly send out spyware/adware all the time. In other words, whatevers popular and seemingly innocent, is fair game to them. You can for example, download an innocent pie recipe, and they'll add spyware without your knowledge nor consent. Enter a contest, answer a survey, download a ringtone, smiley face,etc. -these are where they are. Don't misunderstand me, if
    you use any of these services/websites/activities you will not automatically get malware; but
    they do lurk there and seek exploits and holes in places, to spread themselves.
    As to ZoneAlarm not detecting it; ZA is very good security, yes, but not a 100% foolproof defense - need to add additonal security, is better, yes. Websnitch can be used as a legitimate 'parental control/surveillance' so it may have entered a grey area in detection; even so, ZA has a very good track record of not letting 'keyloggers' and other malware from extracting info. out of people's pc's. In many test reviews of ZA I've read, there are multiple layers of defense(especially in the suite) they will stop any leaks or keylogger type to send info. out, your safe, even if ZA doesn't detect it, yes. I hope I filled in most of your questions. If you would like further recommendations of 'free' and 'trustworthy' security software, Guru fax has provided you with a direct link to an excellent security site, in his earlier post.NaiveMelody NYC 2-18-07~1:11am e.s.t. - On, on, on, on... - Tom Tom Club<hr>

    PS- If there's any Guru's or ZA moderator who can move/transfer posts of - &quot; gallier &quot; and specific replies to his,
    out from OhioCutie's post; so as not to confuse the public.NaiveMelody NYC 2-20-07~2:55am e.s.t - Main Street - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

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    gallier Guest

    Default Re: Websnitch?

    I have what I think is a false positive on my pc :trojan-spy.win32@mx (see my relevant thread). I got regularly unwanted pop-ups on
    my screen (even when IE 6 is inactive) about protecting my computer or about casino games,... Tried to scan with your suggested a-squared but got an error. After downloading the files it says &quot;error loading engine&quot;. When I try again it first says &quot;loading version information&quot; and then again &quot;error loading engine&quot; ? What advise can you give me please ?

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    Default Re: Websnitch?

    gallier ,
    See if you can use the Ewido online scan . Use Internet Explorer and type into your address bar.
    Once there allow active x to be installed then start the scan.

    You could also try downloading the free version of SuperAntispyware from here

    If this doesn't help please post back

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    gallier Guest

    Default Re: Websnitch?

    Greb49er - A dialog box should have appeared in order to download and install the Ewido anti-spyware ; but it didn t only got a red cross ? Perhaps the server was down Could install active X though, but only after shutting ZoneAlarm down ! SuperAntiSpyware on the other hand could be downloaded and installed. Several malware was detected, quarantained and deleted. After that the PC rebooted but in Safe Mode only. Decided to scan again in safe mode this timeand now the problem seems to have gone, let s cross fingers the pestfiles won t reinstall. Thanks very much indeed for your advise, it is much appreadiated.:8}

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    Default Re: Websnitch?

    Your welcome there is one more thing you should do to insure your computer is clean.

    Please register and post a hijackthis log at <a href=" e8c6" target=_blank> e8c6</a>

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    ohiocutie Guest

    Default Re: Websnitch?

    Thanks SO much for all your help :8}I am going to try to run the a-squared scanner and see what happens.I'll keep ya updated!
    Have a super week!

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