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Thread: remove W32.MYZOR.FK@YF

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    tvanhorn Guest

    Default remove W32.MYZOR.FK@YF

    My kids got on my laptop, and MYSPACE download some program that is hijacking my Internet Explorer. It keeps popping up for me to go to some web-site to help remove W32.MYZOR.FK@YF Please help me.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: remove W32.MYZOR.FK@YF

    Important - DO NOT CLICK ONTO TO THAT LINK - you have a infection - check out this website(trust me) -
    .<hr>Item of interest for the parents - PCWorld article - 'Hackers promise month of MySpace bugs' -
    . You may
    want to restrict your kids from using MySpace or monitor their usage
    for awhile. With your ZA suite - you do have &quot;Parental Controls&quot; in which you can block certain websites. Look thru the ZA User Guide - for the chapter - in the link provided below.<hr>Please go this website
    to start cleaning your pc -
    follow the recommendations there - later you can
    visit some of the 'spyware removal forums' for step by step instructions if the previous recommended scanners have not fully taken care of the malware infection.<hr>I could recommend an article by ZA - 'How to protect your family's pc' - Defend the Net - 19 page PDF file -;lang=en
    . I would also recommend a thorough reading of the Official User Guide - click on the right version -;lid=ps_zass
    .- has all the common settings plus explanations - by now you should have the ZA Firewall - Internet Zone Security - settings on 'High' . Install Internet Explorer 7 and make sure you update all Microsoft security updates. You can also install one of two of the better paid antispyware - Webroot SpySweeper or PCTools SpywareDoctor, plus install the free versions of Lavasoft's AdAware and others listed in spywarewarrior website mentioned above.NaiveMelody NYC 3-19-07~6:00pm e.s.t. - Bad time - Grand Funk Railroad<hr>Thanks Greb, better safe than infected.

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