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Thread: IHateSpam suspicious behaviour

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    peterhollngs Guest

    Default IHateSpam suspicious behaviour

    Some time ago ZoneAlarm was recommending the use of IHateSpam (by Sunbelt). For a while I thought it was great - but now I am seeing some very suspicious behaviour, for example -
    1. The component IhsSpamFilterEngine.exe starts BEFORE Zone Alarm launches! (per monitoring via Task Manager)2. The memory usage by IhsSpamFilterEngine balloons up to 160 MB while it hogs almost all of the CPU usage for a couple of minutes
    The impression is that I have an 'infection' that masquerades as IHateSpam...
    By the way I switched off all the options in the IHateSpam client that seemed insidious - like 'Learning'. There is still a lot of Internet traffic.
    Anybody else using IHateSpam?

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    Default Re: IHateSpam suspicious behaviour

    Hi!you could use a tool like TCPview to screen your network and see who is generating all this internet traffic... scan you processes to study their behaviour and resource usage: could upload IHateSpam executable to and see what other AV engine says about the executable.And you could have a online scan with bitdefender and AVG antispyware... Hope this helps.Cheers,Fax

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    thezip Guest

    Default Re: IHateSpam suspicious behaviour

    I have recently begun to experience the same behavior from the IhsSpamFilterEngine.exe. It occurs on three different computers. I have yet to track down the cause. All machines are protected by software firewalls and the corporate version of Symantec Antivirus. Up until this began to occur I have been very happy with this software. My experience with the extreme use of memory and CPU varies. Sometimes it goes on for a very long period of time and I kill of the process. I have disabled the application but it still does not prevent this from occurring.

    I have yet to try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. I have cleaned out the friends and enemies list in the thought these might have grown so large as to consume too many resources in checking incoming. This was not the solution.

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