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    cluelessblonde Guest

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    Hi,This is the first time I've ever posted on a forum and I apologise for not being very know-how or technical.
    I have the free ZoneAlarm and there is a program on my list called sgr.exe which I'd never heard of. I googled it and found out that it's a mail-bomb trojan. I immediately gave this program four red crosses (see how techno I am?!) and then set about running virus and adware scans. I have Norton 2006 and Spy Sweeper. They found nothing at all amiss with the PC and so I ran SpyBot as well - with the same result.
    When I look at the entry detail for sgr.exe, the last policy date is "not applicable" and the file size is 0kb.
    Also, I don't know if this is a coincidence, but I've been getting about 50 junk e-mails every day for the last month, but since I gave this program the "red cross treatment", I haven't had any "undeliverable" e-mails or any mails addressed to people with very strange names!
    Sorry for making this post seem like a book, but does anyone have any idea on how to get rid of this program/ how I got it?
    Thanks in advance,Ally

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: sgr.exe

    I googled and found ' singa raja ' named from
    SingaRaja is a mailbombing program which sends an e-mail (as often as the aggressor wants to) to a particular receiver. It generates sender data and let's the user define his own mailhead data.Vendor Description
    from the doc: ' SingaRaja is an e-mail bomber program. It can attack any e-mail address around the world via any SMTP server. This program is for educational purpose only, but **DO NOT** use this program to attack innocent people since there is no reason to attack them. There are many features in this version like random sender name, random subject, random sender email address, random message etc. You also can define your own e-mail headers in 'Mail header' tab. If the program cannot sending bombs correctly, try to change SMTP server setting to another SMTP server. Use SMTP server that can relay your bomb to any e-mail address.'Alias
    -&gt;sgr.exe [F-Prot], Flooder.MailSpam.Singa [Kaspersky],Category
    Mail Bomber :
    Software that will flood a victim's inbox with hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail. Such mail generally does not correctly reveal its source.

    A program that overloads a connection by any mechanism, such as fast pinging, causing a DoS attack.Variants

    SingaRaja 1.82
    Detections:List of Objects Present:
    PestPatrol detects the following files and registry entries for this software..

    Executable Files:
    sgr.exe / singaraja182.exe

    sgr.exe /
    sgr.hlp / sgr.txt
    / singaraja182.exe<hr>One thing you may be able to do, you say you have 'sgr.exe.'
    listed on ZA program control list -
    left click in the 'Trust Level'
    -and see if you got an option for
    'Kill&quot; (red circle with slash)
    symbol= which would kill that program -click it - oh, that feels good.
    See all the 'Executable files and Files' above, start a search for these files on your pc, and delete them. I'm surprised SpySweeper didn't catch it. May I ask what anti-virus program are you using?Norton anti-virus alone? or
    Norton suite(includes firewall,antivirus,etc)?
    And are you using PeoplePC as your ISP internet connection?? Just a remote hunch. If you need more help or alternate modes of getting rid of it and
    keeping safe, check out -
    - look for the chapter ' If your PC is infected w/ spyware...' follow some of the

    recommendations there.

    As to how
    you got malware on your pc, do you enter live chat rooms, MySpace, YouTube, share music files, any music or video interests/websites/media players, instant messenging,
    etc. - the bad guys- use 'social engineering' to discreetly send out spyware/adware all the time. In other words, whatevers popular and seemingly innocent, is fair game to them. You can for example, download an innocent pie recipe, and they'll add spyware without your knowledge nor consent. Enter a contest, answer a survey, download a ringtone, smiley face,etc. -these are where they are lurking. NaiveMelody NYC 2-22-07~12:53am e.s.t. - Let's get loud - Jennifer Lopez

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    cluelessblonde Guest

    Default Re: sgr.exe

    I've checked and checked and there are no traces of sgr.txt, sgr.hlp or singaraja182.exe. All I can find anywhere on this computer is the ZoneAlarm entry of sgr.exe.I'm using the free ZoneAlarm, together with Spy Sweeper 5.2 and Norton AntiVirus 2007. I run SpyBot as well every other day to check to see if any beasties have got through.
    Tis a mystery still.......

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