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    webmastersam Guest

    Default Win32/Malum.AMQU

    can any one tell me what this virus is please Win32/Malum.AMQU zone alarm found this on my pc today but will not tell me what it is! any ideas? thanks in advance!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    dovidj Guest

    Default Re: Win32/Malum.AMQU


    I got the same thing on Friday and today using Zonealarm: Win32/Malum.AMQU

    What steps should I take.

    It put two files into quarantine but one just left it in a folder.

    I don't need the data in the folder. Would it be ok if I shredded the folder.

    David J

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    dovidj Guest

    Default Re: Win32/Malum.AMQU

    From another thread someone suggested uploading the infected file to:
    Below is the output.
    eTrust found it as Win32/Malum.AMQU and eSafe as suspicious Trojan/Worm and Fortinet as a possible threat.
    Also I ran the online scan from eTrust to double check but it didn't find a virus.
    a. Is this a concern. b. Why does eTrust return 2 different results and c. If it is concern how does one
    clean it up.

    Should I be concerned or possibly its a false alarm:
    AntiVir7.3.1.3802.26.2007no virus foundAuthentium4.93.802.25.2007no virus foundAvast4.7.936.002.26.2007no virus foundAVG38602.25.2007no virus found**bleep** virus foundCAT-QuickHeal9.0002.26.2007no virus foundClamAVdevel-2006042602.26.2007no virus foundDrWeb4.3302.26.2007no virus foundeSafe7. Trojan/WormeTrust-Vet30.4.343402.26.2007Win32/Malum.AMQUEwido4.002.26.2007no virus foundFileAdvisor102.26.2007no virus foundFortinet2. virus foundF-Secure6.70.13030.002.26.2007no virus foundIkarusT3.1.1.302.26.2007no virus foundKaspersky4.0.2.2402.26.2007no virus foundMcAfee497002.23.2007no virus foundMicrosoft1.220402.26.2007no virus foundNOD32v2208102.26.2007no virus foundNorman5.80.0202.26.2007no virus foundPanda9.0.0.402.26.2007no virus foundPrevx1V202.26.2007no virus foundSophos4. virus foundSunbelt2.2.907.002.24.2007no virus foundSymantec1002.26.2007no virus foundTheHacker6.1.6.06502.26.2007no virus foundUNA1.8302.23.2007no virus foundVBA323. virus foundVirusBuster4.3.19:902.26.2007no virus found

    Thank-you in advance

    David J.

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    Default Re: Win32/Malum.AMQU

    <BLOCKQUOTE><HR>dovidj wrote:
    Hi,Below is the output. eTrust found it as Win32/Malum.AMQU and eSafe as suspicious Trojan/Worm and Fortinet as a possible threat.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    This sound like a false positive to me. Report it to a ZIP containing the suspicious file; password-protect it with the password 'virus' and subject "false positive" Cheers,Fax

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    sidesteal Guest

    Default Re: Win32/Malum.AMQU

    Yeah, ZASS also found this today on my machine - in a folder containing files and exe's that i have had on my machines for over a year now.
    When i originally aquired the file it was scanned with ZASS and was no threat...could this be a -+itive ?

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    miadlor Guest

    Default Re: Win32/Malum.AMQU

    Any update on whether this was a false positive?

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    stevarino Guest

    Default Re: Win32/Malum.AMQU

    It's not really a virus, it is a Key Generator identified by your AntiVirus program. You probably have some software executables in there, and this is the key generator????

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