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    maryhelena Guest

    Default BAT/IRCFLOOD

    Zone Alarm has found BAT/IRCFLOOD on my computer but is unable to remove it...........Could someone please tell me if my computer is now in trouble i.e. are my security/bank passwords secure - and can I transmit this virus through sending email. It is a home computer.

    I have tried to use system restore - Win Me - but the system will not restore to a previous setting. I am unable to find removal tools on line - so what should I do?

    Please help if you can.

    Thank you

    Operating System:Windows ME
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    dooley Guest

    Default Re: BAT/IRCFLOOD

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    pairofhearts Guest

    Default Re: BAT/IRCFLOOD

    Hi Maryhelena........You are going to have to post a HiJackThis log with someone who specializes in Malware removal. I am just training for this now so don't feel quite competent enuff yet, but suggest you give this forum a shot under the WindowsME heading.

    ......or you can puchase software to remove these types of malware. SpySweeper, AVG anti-spyware, FREE version of SuperAntiSpyware...........not sure if the free versions will remove your problem.

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    Hi!first you could try to run ZASS AV/AS scan in SAFE MODE.If the above fails try the following free applicationsrweb Cure it (to run in SAFE MODE)www.freedrweb.comSuperantispyware (update it before run) online scan:,Fax

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    maryhelena Guest

    Default Re: BAT/IRCFLOOD

    Hi, pairofhearts
    Thanks for the suggestions re trying some other downloads - unfortunately they did not find BAT/ircflood on my computer - end result, after much going around in circles - was backup my files and then to reformat my harddrive.....

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    maryhelena Guest

    Default Re: BAT/IRCFLOOD

    Thanks for the webpage reference - unfortunately I could not find any of the mentioned files on my computer - but ZoneAlarm kept telling me that BAT/ircflood was still on my system. I've now reformated my hardrive and things are just fine....

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    maryhelena Guest

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    Hi, Fax
    Thanks for all your suggestions - and what I run around I ended up with.......I did download the DRWeb software to check for the BAT/ircflood virus - and after a very quick scan - it told me that it found nothing at all!!! ZoneAlarm still insisting it was there.....One of the other downloads - can't remember which one now as I have not re-installed them - also found no BAT/ircflood.

    I have now reformed my harddrive and things are running fine - however the decision to reformat was taken after much 'fighting' with my computer.........Trouble began after I tried to put the computer into Safe Mode - - Winme/computer would not cooperate after much rebooting. I then tried msconfig and enabled the Start Up Menu - and again no luck getting into Safe Mode - this time, however, the Start Up Menu did appear but neither keyboard or mouse would let me doing anything - so computer goes on to load Windows. I then discovered that one of the downloaded antispy programs had a utility to load into Safe Mode - so that's what I used - computer finally loading Safe Mode - but no keyboard working or mouse..........

    Eventually............I decided something must be wrong with my new keyboard and mouse. And, thank goodness, I still had the old keyboard around - so I plugged that in, rebooted - and it worked. Seemingly, Safe Mode did not like the new keyboard being plugged into a USB drive - same with the new mouse. My new mouse came with an adapter connection - so I then connected the mouse via the non-usb port - and everything worked. I was able to uncheck Safe Mode through the downloaded software - and the computer was now able to get to Safe Mode via normal means - the F8 key.....a most frustrating way to spend a weekend.....By this time I was fed up with 'playing around' and decided to reformat the hardrive.....And even then I had another problem.....after reloading WinMe I immediately upgraded Explorer and Email - and then WinMe would not save my ISP password - more time spend on that - and eventually another reformat to reload WinMe - this time first doing the connection and saving password to ISP - and then upgrading to Explorer and Email.....

    All this for BAT/ircflood - which I did not know about i.e. no computer issues, until ZoneAlarm found it....OK - I know - time to upgrade Windows - maybe sometime later this year.....

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