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Thread: Norton is vulnerable...... HHHHHEEEELLLLPPP

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    Default Norton is vulnerable...... HHHHHEEEELLLLPPP

    Hi,I thought you all may be intrested in this. Runninging Norton Internet Security 06 w/ password mngr prior to Zone and Counter. My problem started that way. As it turned out, I had three high level threats. An Agobot, and two Poza's A and C. They got access to my system through Norton's Live Update. Had to uninstall, but they were so prevasive
    that I was unable to get all of the corupted files. Had to manually lock them down so they could not access the net, which Zone was helpful for. They have the ability to attach themselves to any program using the net, looking for any available port to get out. When quart. they can remain dormate until they find an exit. them they will use any major program.
    I found the code as they were trying to dump, they were freeking. Trying to crash me by eating up all of the memory causing a reboot so that the start up code would lock me out. Long story short, they change file names, but not much. It seems they only change the last charchter, to a \. Other than that change the files look the same. I saw one line of code that read somethink like
    "I am the clone" or something like that.
    I am stlii fighting some of the processes. I keep getting a dumprep.exc process the continues to try and eat all of my memory, though I able to stop it manually, its always a race after a certin amount of time. So I was wondering if anyone knew how to stop this process. it keeps on breaking through any stop order from me, also, how can I find its home, where it orginates from and how to kill the command?
    I have uninstalled symantic, the files it would allow me to, and have attempet to lock the others with limited success. I cannot even reinstall Norton and I have a year left on the subscription. Though I am going to keep Zone and Counter, I still want whats mine..
    Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Norton is vulnerable...... HHHHHEEEELLLLPPP

    Hi!what about a nice clean of your system.... i.e. format and reinstall of the OS? This is the best option you have to be 'almost' 100% sure you are clean...Otherwise please try to consult malware specialists at, for example, Castlecops web site (post your hijackthis log there): before you need to follow certain mandatory steps to clean your machine, see here: personal advise is to run DrWeb Cure It, a free standalone antivirus that you need to run inSAFE MODE, you find it Cheers,Fax

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    Default Re: Norton is vulnerable...... HHHHHEEEELLLLPPP


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