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Thread: Virus scan hangs

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    nebagamonman Guest

    Default Virus scan hangs

    I have been running virus scans without problems for a long time. Recently, however, the virus scan "hangs" while scanning something called "win32.rootkit.unreal.a"
    Does anyone have any information about this situation?
    Thanks in advance.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Virus scan hangs

    Hi!you can find about unreal rootkit here: like a test rootkit, did you installed it yourself? What it the exact name of the virus detected? And the location of the file(s) identified?And which version of ZASS are you using? Is it 7.0.320.000?You could try to scan for virues and spywarein SAFE MODE.Cheers,FaxP.S. you find the tools to remove it here:

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    chopperboy Guest

    Default Re: Virus scan hangs

    The file that it hangs on is a red herring, I'm afraid. It would hang for me on the same file probably 50% of the time that I tried to restart it. Then it would hang on other files. I'm afraid that our AV engines are corrupt, and there is no fix in sight from ZoneLabs. You may want to file a support ticket just to add to the number of users known to be affected by this. Please follow see this thread for more info:

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    little_jo Guest

    Default Re: Virus scan hangs

    I'm having exactly the same problem

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    keckacan Guest

    Default Re: Virus scan hangs

    i tell you what i have the same prob with the hang on rootkit.unreal.a and downloaded the root killer as/per suggestion. now
    the program is
    locked by
    the system and wont respond or
    shut down

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    keckacan Guest

    Default Re: Virus scan hangs

    i just want to say one more thing when i was trying to hunt down this problem other files started hanging when i tried to rename the file i couldnt then when i searched for it again it was gone probable renamed itself it deffinately has hacked zass.

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    djnpt Guest

    Default Re: Virus scan hangs

    I'm having the same problem now too!......I've been using ZASS for many years now with no issues, not even after upgrading to 7.0! I've tried all the suggestions so far that I could find on this board and nothing has worked. I did a Windows Update (I always do a manual)
    a few weeks ago and one of the updates was for new root certificates (you always want to update those!) I could do a full scan after upgrading to 7.0, but now I 've run into this problem.....I wonder if it's related???? I can't uninstall that update, to see if that was the problem,
    because I already deleted the uninstaller......just wondering if anyone else noticed this too?.....I'm not too worried as long as I know the on access is still working and hopefully this will be fixed soon!

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    keckacan Guest

    Default Re: Virus scan hangs

    I cant beleave there is no answer to our delema yet. heres some additional info. I went to do a free mcafee virus scan and found a trojan lurking around. still hasnt solved the problem but when i scaned with zass again it hung on a file that ended in


    so i tried to rename the file and it wouldnt i tried to search the file down again and it was gone only after rescaning with zass did i find out that it renamed itself

    will SOMEONE at ZA please figure this out and help us all

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