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I have been using Zone(free)since 2003, and in November of 2006 after realizing security was an issue within my o/s I purchased Zone Alarm Security Suite.
January I went on a crusade endeavoring to find what the heck was holding my o/s hostage after finding photo's edited, files missing and then reappearing, unexplained programs appearing in zone and process guard sent me into a PC research rendezvous.
The cops lent little help, my cell phone was hijacked as well- I still think that they got into my pc through my unprotected browser on my cell phone equipped(stupidly) with msn. NEVER AGAIN. Corporate bell insists that I had to have been responsible for the hundred page bell mobility bill, literally every minute of every hour either a text or browser entry.... I asked the cops "and when exactly would I have slept and eaten? But, to get on with my query...
I would like to get more information on in regards to my Zone Alarm Security Suite 7.0.
Kl1 and KLIF;
In the regedit there are key values that appear to disable updates, the drivers in question are Kaspersky, using zonelabs/avsbases as it's path to execute.
There were key values assigning permissions for these two drivers and for mail frontier that just appeared with a new install, (In the months of Jan and Feb my system crashed a few times, after one of these times this Mail Frontier began monitoring the system, but because the certificate belonged to Cisco, and not Checkpoint, yet it was in the Zone Labs Zass 7.0 program files on my pc.
And that's only what I can recall of the top of my head. There are many many other curious objects and behaviors.
I deleted these values after researching the system, and realizing that they (Kl1 and KLIF are remote acces drivers - At very least the results of intense study of my o/s over the past two months corresponds with the computer nightmare after a successful attack in January, where police and credit card fraud were all involved.
There has been a lot of things that don't make sense, and since I am a newbie, it's a whole new world, one that usually has me asking more questions every time I seek an answer....lol-

I have not been able to administer my 7.0 Suite version ... probably at all this year, it continually resets itself even without a boot, it does not maintain my configuration settings, and most worrisome is my inability to access parts of the control center. Interestingly enough I was informed by a forum member that the firewalls reports of having blocked 0 access attempts could be due to the installation of a D-Link router. I am going to check into this.
I have been using Process Guard v3.150 for the past three months is there any information regarding conflicts between Zass and it?

I know that I will be installing a new WindowsXP Home full version in the next week or two. I am hoping that that will be the end of this. I have used Zass since 2003 and really commend the product; I am certain that what's going on right now is an effect of and not the cause of the nightmare of a system under siege.
Unfortunately at the moment I am unable to access the console management, and since I am relatively new to the tech side of my pc. Please bear with my layman's knowledge.

Thank you for any info you could provide in regards to what I should and should not do to avoid contaminating the new windows O/S so I can get onto Internet security with a stable Zone Alarm Security Suite.
Thank you,
Windows xp pro,
Dsl internet connection w/
Ethernet broadband router
Zass 7.0
Process Guardv3.150
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and Thunderbird 1.8

"Finding answers leads me to bigger questions...LOVE IT!"

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