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Thread: Backdoor.win32.sdbot.xd found!

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    redrydertoo Guest

    Default Backdoor.win32.sdbot.xd found!

    Zone Alarm antivirus tells me that I have the "Backdoor.win32.sdbot.xd" virus on my computer, but isn't able to treat it. The suggestion is to do search the web for "removal Backdoor.win32.sdbot.xd."

    I have tried same, but can't find anything specific that doesn't seem to involve some pretty advanced experience with disinfecting computer viruses.

    Is there any step by step procedure for accomplishing this, that a non-expert can follow?

    Where did this bug come from in the first place?

    Why didn't the Zone Alarm Suite catch it? (I must say I am disappointed; after all this is why I bought the program.)

    Can anyone help me with any of this?


    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Backdoor.win32.sdbot.xd found!

    This is from - their virus list description -<hr>Home / Viruses / Virus Encyclopedia / Malware Descriptions / Trojan Programs / BackdoorsBackdoor.Win32.SdBot.xdOther versions:

    (Kaspersky Lab) is also known as: Exploit-Lsass.g.gen


    (<a target="_blank" href="">Trend





    (Panda) Detection addedMar 31 2005 14:36 GMTUpdate releasedMar 31 2005 15:41 GMTBehaviorBackdoor

    Currently there is no description available for this program.

    As many viruses and worms are modifications of earlier versions, it may help you to check the descriptions of similar programs. If such descriptions are available, they will be listed at the top of the page.

    Our virus analysts work hard to ensure that descriptions of the commonest and most potentially dangerous software are available to users. The Virus Encyclopedia is updated on a regular basis
    <hr>Since your using Kaspersky- it would be a good idea to put it's website in your favorites list or bookmark. Whatever you do, don't click on any ads from Google- ads from 'free' antipspyware scanners that guarantee to remove it, or sites that claim to remove =they are usually rogue/fake scanners and sites = bad.
    You can go to '' -
    &quot;On this page...&quot;-
    table of contents -click on - If Your PC is Infested w/Spyware... - which will provide you with a list of 'free' and 'trustworthy' anti-spyware scanners you can freely download - recommended - AVG Anti-spyware, SuperAntispyware, and Ad-aware Personal Edition = these software are unobtrusive and usually play well with each other /no conflicts. You can also use some of the on-line anti-virus scanners. Visit
    forums listed there and see which is to your liking, then explain your
    situation and
    how you really
    very simple step
    by step
    Read the rest of this site to learn and discover better methods of protecting your pc.

    :8}NaiveMelody NYC 3-9-07~12:07am e.s.t. - Shambala - Three Dog Night

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    Default Re: Backdoor.win32.sdbot.xd found!

    And where did it find it?Are you on ZA Suite or AV? You mentioned about ZASS not detecting it but ZA AV detecting it. Was the ZA Suiteversion 6.5 or 2007? Version 7 has a new AV engine by kaspersky. Try to run a full AV/AS scan of your systemin SAFE MODE:,Fax

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