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Thread: unwanted ads and downloads that cannot be turned off

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    wsuiterjr Guest

    Default unwanted ads and downloads that cannot be turned off

    This is my first posting, so I don't know the right category for this questionWhile surfing for a specific item to buy, a screen popped up and told me i had some pornographic stuff and their product would clean them out. i tride terminating the window by clicking on the X in the upper left corner of the screen with no luck. i finally engaged the internet lock and closed internet explorer 6 and then unlocked and continued with my searchs.The intrusion was from www. drivecleaner . com ** edited: please do not post direct links to potentially unsafe sites (unlinked to avoid less experienced user to visit the site by mistake)**my question is, is there a way to identify and block future incursions fromthis and otherintruders while they are controlling my internet activity?thankswsuiterjr

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: unwanted ads and downloads that cannot be turned off

    I've checked with and this is what I found - click here to see the full report -
    . This is more than a simple pop-up to contend with, you've got an infection.
    The pop-up is only a symptom of the root cause - infected with malware. Please visit the website listed below, to start the process of cleaning your pc.
    <hr>Beenut variants may also display fake
    warnings like the one below:

    If the user clicks on the &quot;OK&quot; button, the trojan downloads DriveCleaner from the domain go.drivecleaner. com.

    An affected machine could be redirected to one of the following websites: [do not attempt to visit any of these websites = BAD ]
    <hr>Whatever you do, don't click on any ads from Google- ads from 'free' antipspyware scanners that guarantee to remove it, or sites that claim to remove =they are usually rogue/fake scanners and sites = bad.
    You can go to '' -
    &quot;On this page...&quot;-
    table of contents -click on - If Your PC is Infested w/Spyware... - which will provide you with a list of 'free' and 'trustworthy' anti-spyware scanners you can freely download - recommended - AVG Anti-spyware, SuperAntispyware, and Ad-aware Personal Edition = these software are unobtrusive and usually play well with each other /no conflicts. You can also use some of the on-line anti-virus scanners.You
    can visit
    forums listed there. Read the rest of this site to learn and discover better methods of protecting your pc.
    <hr>On your first post, you did not mention which anti-virus software you are using; please post that and what other security software you are using -antispyware,etc.
    - just to see - your position. I would suggest you update the Microsoft Internet Explorer
    to IE 7 - which improves on it's security, so it is said.
    Here is the Official User Guide - big PDF file -needs Adobe - click on the right version -
    has all the common settings needed - have you raised your 'firewall Internet Zone Security level' to high?? -;lid=ps_zap
    . NaiveMelody NYC 3-12-07~1:25am e.s.t. - A horse with no name - America

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: unwanted ads and downloads that cannot be turned off

    Dear wsuiterjr:

    There are many ways to block an attacker. One of the easiest ways is to put into the Blocked zone. To do that, open ZAP, click the Firewall panel, click the Zones tab above, then click Add in the lower right of the screen. Click Host/Site. The Add Host/Site dialog box displays. Click the down arrow on Zone to change it to Blocked, For Host name, type Under Description, you might type an explanation such as, in this case, Sent pornographic pop-ups to my computer. Click OK and the dialog box closes and an entry now appears showing this hostname is blocked. Don't forget to click Apply in the lower right to save that entry. Now, that website will no longer be able to push that material to your computer but you will no longer be able to access that website either.

    As for the pop-ups, you can filter them globally(from all websites) by clicking the Privacy panel, click the Main tab above, then click any one of the Custom buttons on the right side. The Custom Privacy Settings dialog box displays. Under the Ads to Block section, enable all 3 options below. Under the Ad Void Control section, click the middle option, A box with the word AD. From personal experience, this feature works very well for me. Where there are ads located on a webpage, you will see an empty box with the word AD. Sometimes, it will label legitimate thumbnail images as ads but not very often. The best part is I have had NO pop-ups or pop-unders with this firewall.


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    wsuiterjr Guest

    Default Re: unwanted ads and downloads that cannot be turned off

    Thanks for the help.
    I've got the info i need. Now what do i do to close this thread ?

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: unwanted ads and downloads that cannot be turned off

    Dear wsuiterjr:

    You don't have to do anything. Your response is self-explanatory. The posts will stay up for the benefit of anyone else that had a similar problem as yours.


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