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Thread: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

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    comtecv Guest

    Default Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

    It handles this virus but it seems to keep coming back.
    Does anyone know how I can find out where it's coming from?
    So I can prevent it?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282


    Welcome to the Forum!

    I really don't know where it is coming from, but if you want to get rid of it, PLEASE go to the following link and run a complete scan and they should remove it for you.


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    Default Re: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

    Hi comtecv,
    Sometimes you need to remove malware in safe mode. Try this disable system restore>start your computer in safe mode>run a full scan delete the virus if found> start your computer normally ,run another scan , is it gone now? If so go back and enable system restore.

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    trollioli Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

    Hi,This is also happening to me. It will find about three or four bat.282's in the same scan. It usually quarantines them but the last time it found one it could not do anything with it.... I don't know what to do so can anyone help PLEASE!! ThanksOliver Rough

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    tonytony Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

    This was happening to me a few days ago, I just went where the file was located and deleted it then did a scan and it never came back.

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    cindyt Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

    I just found out that U have the Problem with the BAT.282 Virus....I can't remove it....Wat can I do???

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    trollioli Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

    Im just doing a scan now and so far it's found 7 :0 Is it just found when you scan with Zonealarm or does every antivirus program find it??

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    remore Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

    I've got the same problem with bat.282.
    zonealarm doesn't give me any options for it after it detects it. i tried the housecall link and their full scan and its no use. its still back. yesterday after a full scan it was in the Internet Logs folder and i deleted it but its back now, though now its not in the Internet Logs folder, dont know where it is coz i'm yet to run a full scan for today. but i know its back coz it shuts down true vector service(its been happening since last 3 days at around the same time). i've tried using mcafee and solo antivirus with spybot and windows defender and none of them even detected bat.282. i'm using utorrent and i've patched the tcpip.sys file.....maybe thats where its coming from coz after true vector service shuts down and i exit utorrent, even then something is using utorrent's PID and
    the forwarded port,
    to connect to some ip (netstat -no). think i'll trial trojan hunter and see if that helps.
    ps.i have zonealarm and its antivirus and antispyware on auto update, so my firewall is upto date.
    Note: i'm going to run a full scan and if i find bat.282, i'll be emailing the file to ZA....DO SOMETHING about bat.282!!

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    cindyt Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

    hey i found the solution to cure this virus ...use the "Trend Micro internet security" program. THis helps a lot. I fixed the problem after using this program

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    jcslcs Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Virus keeps finding bat.282

    Hello people,
    I found that leaving it in the quarantined area was useful. I've have this problem before, where
    I was trying to delete a virus that simply was too persistent, and for some reason would not be fully removed, then it would return. I have actually seen infected files, such as this, reappear in Windows Explorer. I found that by leaving them quarantined. they appeared to be harmless there, and I longer found them popping up elswhere on the system. ZA may very well find a fix soon. So sit tight.

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