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Thread: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

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    letkin Guest

    Default Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    My regularly scheduled scan seemed to "find" and instance of a virus called "Win32.trojan.Delf.ak" but I can't be sure. The scan seemingly "froze" with this item named as "current data" under "scan details." I left it alone for about an hour in case it was taking a bit to get the file clean, then canceled out and manually reran a system virus scan which this time found nothing. I do, however hear my harddrive chugging when nothing that I'm aware of is actually going on in my computer, leading me to believe that there is indeed a virus in my system. Any info on what's going on, whether I should believe the results of my rescan? If this is a virus that is still in my system, how do go about getting rid of it?

    OS -- Win XP (sp2)
    CPU -- Athalon 64

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Nov 2004

    Default Re: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    Hi!may be a start is to run an online virus scanner and see if anything is detected...Check here:,Fax

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    yeoness Guest

    Default Re: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    i too now have this virus.
    Exactly the same problems.
    How do i get rid of this bloody thing?

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    bunnyape Guest

    Default Re: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    Indeed! Yes, ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7 with XP (SR2) consistently freezes at Win32.Trojan.Delf.ak. This only one of MANY problems I've had with ZoneAlarm Suite 7 in this incarnation: 7.0.302.00. I've never had problems or any issues with ZoneAlarm Pro in the past. It's extremely distressing to now have a program that fights with so many other standard programs (Conflicts with Spyware Doctor 4 caused my system to crash and go into an endless reboot, for instance. Had I not imaged my system disk with Norton Ghost, I'd be toast now. If Norton Antivirus is installed on your machine, you're in for endless glitches.) The advice below from the Guru to install a free virus checker (the same pro one that Suite 7 uses and advertises!) seems like a plain deflection: Go elsewhere. I'm not sure ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7 should have been release to harass the multitudes with so many bugs and issues. Yet I'm reluctant to do without ZoneAlarm's good firewall. Do I disable the Suite's anti-virus/anti-spyware? How can I be assured that the program, even then, will play well with others?

    Why is there not an official channel to report such things? Does ZoneAlarm want to improve its products through sheer trial and error?

    If I find a solution myself to the issue above (before ZoneAlarm can dither itself into a reliable update) I'll report back to other poor seekers.

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    nebagamonman Guest

    Default Re: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    I am experiencing the same problem with win32.trojan.delf.ak. The scan seems to "hang" on this item whether doing a virus scan or a spyware scan. I ran the Kaspersky scan as suggested by guru. It reported nothing found.
    Someone at ZoneLabs
    must know something about this situation. Is the win32.trojan.delf.ak something dangerous. Whether or not, how can it be removed?

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    yeoness Guest

    Default Re: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    Well someone out there must know a way of removing this Trojan.
    Zonealarm just hovers and does nothing.
    I also get C:\yserver.
    This also makes zone stop!!!
    Zonealarm we have a problem here!!!!
    Help please??

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    yeoness Guest

    Default Re: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    i have also run Kapersky and it found nothing!

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    bunnyape Guest

    Default Re: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    As I said, Kapersky is now part of ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7. They'll let this problem persist into a whole new version. I ran Spyware Doctor 5.0 beta and it turned up nothing. I'm now running Spysweeper at this moment to check that way. Apparently delf.ak is cleaned by a number of spyware programs. In the meantime, ZoneAlarm 7 has slowed my system to a crawl. I have to reinstall periodically to correct this. I let you know if Spysweeper turns up anything. I suspect that this alert may be a bug in ZoneAlarm they've just neglected to research . . .

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    newtothegame Guest

    Default Re: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    My ZASS 6.5 froze on Win32.Trojan.Delf.ak also.
    So, I did an online scan with Kaspersky and 3:19:14 hours later
    the results indicate that I have 7 viruses and 22 infected objects.
    Course, I cannot get rid these infections until I purchase the
    Kaspersky software! Out of desperation I updated my ZASS defs
    and did another complete scan...nothing found!
    BTW; This time Zass did not freeze on Delf.ak!?!
    But,I was so shocked, that I quickly disabled the internet for that computer
    til I can get a handle on this (I'm on a laptop with NAV installed).
    Why is Zone Lab treating me (us) this way all I (we) did to them was purchase
    Their software after reading how good they at getting of blocking
    and/or getting rid of viruses/spyware? I have posted on this forum
    before awhile back when I dropped NAV for ZASS.
    I also use Spyware Doctor... found nothing.
    Anyway, my questions are...
    Are these FALSE POSITIVES from Zaspersky?
    Is Zasperky that much better ZASS?
    Did ZASS just put delf.ak trojan some ignore list, or am I now just paranoid???
    Is ZASS working on these problems?

    Disabled and Waiting!!

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    bunnyape Guest

    Default Re: Was Win32.trojan.delf.ak virus actually found and cleaned?

    I believe I have an answer . . . if not whole, at least in part. Periodically I have to reinstall ZSS 7 because it makes my computer run slower and slower and slower over time (I suspect because it's recording data on what programs you allow or disallow, but of course it's a bug that this would effect the whole system . . . I really really wish this would be addressed, but this is not the issue we're concerned with here).

    After reinstalling ZSS 7, my computer's agile again . . . and when I run a scan it doesn't stop at Win32.trojan.delf.ak! It stops at Win32.MalwareWiped. At first I thought that it was now freezing at another virus my computer was infected with . . . but I don't think that this is the case. I ran three different anti-virus/anti-spyware programs (after uninstallling ZSS 7), Spyware Doctor beta 5.0, Spysweeper (the lastest), and the K program, which as I said is what ZSS 7 uses. Nothing. Nada. No viruses or spyware in sight. Ergo I don't have a virus or spy. Therefore I figure that ZSS 7's scan was actually finished checking, even though the back-and-forth indicator would suggest it was still running. I think this confuses a lot of folks and should be fixed so we definitively know when a scan has come to a successful conclusion. Win32.MalwareWiped is simply the CATEGORY of virus or spyware that ZSS 7 had last finished checking. I think this might be the same for Win32.trojan.delf.ak. Not a virus, but a CATEGORY. So, in all, a lot of panic for no good reason . . . poor design issues.

    Reinstall and share your own results. Now I have to pursue WHY I have to keep installing and reinstallilng ZSS 7 for my computer not to slow to a crawl.

    P.S. DO NOT INSTALL SPYWARE DOCTOR or Norton Anti-virus yourself with ZSS running. You won't be able to boot your machine again. Currently, these programs cause a MAJOR conflict. Ask me how I know. Luckily I had an image backup of my main drive and could restore that way.

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