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Thread: How to remove Win32.Askyaya

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    spotmydog Guest

    Default How to remove Win32.Askyaya

    Zone Alarm detected this trojan Win32.Askyaya and then quarantined it. It suggested I remove/eliminate it, but did not provide instructions on how to do so. Anyone know how?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: How to remove Win32.Askyaya

    There have been threads about this item before.

    It could be a false result and the PC could be clean.

    Best regards.

    Best regards.

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    kryshten Guest

    Default Re: How to remove Win32.Askyaya

    My daughter just picked up this Trojan today and Zone Alarm immediately made me aware of it. It suggested that I remove it also, but all I did was click on the fix and continue and it removed it and quarantined it for me. I even went into the registry to make sure it was gone and it was. Didn't Zone Alarm give you the option
    to remove the Trojan for you?

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    yogi Guest

    Default Re: How to remove Win32.Askyaya

    ZoneAlarm detected this on my system yesterday too.

    I clicked 'delete' as ZoneAlarm recommended. But on re-scanning ZoneAlarm keeps detecting it.

    I have also have Spybot S&D, Adaware SE, and Spyware Doctor. None of these detect Win32.Askyaya though.

    On an earlier thread about Win32.Askyaya it mentioned it could be a false positive, and related to Spyware Doctor. But obviously I am not going to ignore it until I have a firm answer.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

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    sjr Guest

    Default Re: How to remove Win32.Askyaya

    I am also getting this issue.
    It shows a entry in the register as the offending item.
    I also have spydoctor on my computer plus others.
    No other anti-spyware software is detecting the Win32.Askyaya.
    I am thinking this is a false positive.
    There is no executable I can find.

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    bradtex Guest

    Default Re: How to remove Win32.Askyaya

    Ditto!!! I am getting the same results as everyone.........I have SpyBot, Spyware Doctor, Ad-Aware SE Personal.
    However, Zone Alarm SS 7.0.337.000 is the only one of the group that finds Win32 Askyaya.

    I have tried the ZA User Forum recommended online free scans (1 found the culprit)
    and have tried several others recommended by other safe forums.
    In addition I have scoured my files with the list of known Askyaya files in hand and have yet to find any of them except the registry key that appears after the ZASS scan.Askyaya re-appears almost every time I re-boot and/or start IE 7.0.
    I don't know what else to do!
    If it is not a false-positive where could it be hiding?
    Looks like I'm going to go nuts before I kill the thing!

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