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    I have a little problem here. Someone have told me that is "Silkroad Online Gold payment site" & i have goed there, but i cant access it. More time later i have info about that website (there are just only viruses). I need help to know is that website viruses are dangerous to computer.

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    Hi!Itis an empty website... no info or viruses there... at least I can't see anything... or probably already closed.Fax

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    Use a plug-in that tells you about links before you actually go there.

    I use McAfee SiteAdvisor which is free and available for both IE and Mozilla based browsers under LINUX, Windows and MacO/S. It will highlight links green, yellow or red depending on whether sites are safe, untested (in which case you can submit it) or dangerous.

    SiteAdvisor rates as safe.

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