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    pairofhearts Guest

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    there should be an option on the nagware screen...........Don't show this message again.!?

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    mousieme Guest

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    I'll look for it again... haven't seen one yet. But thanks for replying.

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    zaswing Guest

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    In ZA-free v6.5, when the nagware to update appears, I just click "remind me in 60 days".I don't think there's a setting anywhere about it other than the reminder itself, but I'll check at home & report if wrong.I think the more dangerous, if we can call it that, is on the main screen, overview, I think, is a link to update to ZAPro and I'm afraid I'll click it accidentally some day.
    Then again,on Windows2000,
    when I get
    free protection as great as ZA-free firewall, I'm not complaining.Under v7 free I would be complaining about that mail checking thing.

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