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Thread: Capicom.dll/Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus, Recently?

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    bigfisch Guest

    Default Capicom.dll/Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus, Recently?

    Hi All,
    I realize this might seem stupid in lieu of your previous posts on the subject but...
    Today I ran a spyware scan and it flagged "Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus&quo t;, as a threat which I then deleted (possibly a mistake). After checking the logs and some confusion due to my lack of knowledge, I've determined that this is the capicom.dll file? I hope.
    The problem is then, that why did I flag this now, on the 19th, I ran a scan on the 16th and I think one other time after the 12th, maybe even on the 12th. Is it possible, well rather probable,
    that I haven't experienced this same false-positive and this is a different problem?
    I just found it strange that I didn't find this earlier...
    I'd appreciate any insight.

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    legion Guest

    Default Re: Capicom.dll/Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus, Recently?

    I ran a spyware scan about a week ago and it flagged the capicom.dll file as
    Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus also. At that time I allowed it to be quarantined until I did some research and found out more about it.
    There were a couple of threads I found here from people that had experienced the same thing, and I came to the conclusion that this was a false positive. I restored the capicom.dll file and all was well.
    I have scheduled scans set to run every day and today it again identified the capicom.dll file as Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus. I wish I could give you some more insight as to why this is happening, but I'm at a loss. I don't understand why it would be detected as malware, then be fine for a week, then be detected as malware again.
    I guess this doesn't really help you at all, but rest assured that you're not the only one experiencing this weirdness.

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    dave_beer Guest

    Default Re: Capicom.dll/Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus, Recently?

    Me too.

    My system has version of CAPICOM.DLL installed.

    I run scheduled scans (both AV and ASW) every Thursday evening starting at 8:00 PM. ZAISS was using ASW engine version and DAT file version 01.200704.1425 and was updated as 1:34 PM earlier today.

    I chose to permanently ignore it this time around.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Capicom.dll/Win32.Application.Adware.WinAntiVirus, Recently?

    Dear Legion:

    Some antispyware programs, like antivirus programs, use heuristic methods of detection which can be based upon the program's behavior. I've seen many false positives, using Tenebril's SpyCatcher 2006, but fortunately this program, like many other antispyware programs, also list the pathname to the file so that you can use this info to rule out the file as a malicious program. I've since replaced this program with more "accurate" antispyware programs, based upon published reports(multiple and reliable, and not just one) and my personal experience. While it's useful to have a nice GUI to work with, it's critical that they work as claimed and detect/remove spyware. Otherwise, what's the point of having it installed on your computer.
    Also, it's important to look how you configured the antispayware program as well. Misconfigurations can lead to all kinds of problems. Most have default configurations that work OK but you may need to tweak the settings for maximum protection(like ZA). There should be an exception list to put files like this so they are not redetected as threats.

    I Googled the .dll file listed and found a related thread.

    Hope this helps.


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