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Thread: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite - v 7.0.337.000 -vs- v 6.5.737.000

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    Default ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite - v 7.0.337.000 -vs- v 6.5.737.000

    Greetings Everyone !!!
    First of all, let it be known, that I believe ZoneAlarm to be one of the TOP 5 Firewall Products on the market today, BAR NONE !!!
    This is why I've used it since shortly after its initial release, some years ago, that is until v 7.0.337.000 came out, which has served to
    SEVERELY compromise my systems overall resistance to Virus's and who knows what else, I'm very saddened to say...
    I don't know if anyone else has experienced these 'problems' after installing the 'lastest' version of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite - v 7.0.337.000, having just upgraded from v 6.5.737.000.
    In version 6.5.737.000, it was possible to run 'multiple' Anti-Virus programs, with very little if any conflict with my other Anti-Virus program, Norton SystemWorks
    Premier Edition.
    This combination of not one, but TWO Anti-Virus programs running simultaneously, has served to provide me with a 'multi-level-anti-virus' shield, that has proven to be virtually impregnable !!!
    I say this, as for the past year,
    I have not had one single invading virus, spyware, adware or phishing attempt succeed in penetrating this DUAL-ANTI-VIRUS SHIELD, that is until now !!!
    As such, I elected to UNINSTALL v7.0.337.000, and revert to the previous version of 6.5.737.000, so that I am once again under the DUAL-PROTECTION umbrella, that I've grown to TRUST to keep my connection to the outside world SAFE & SECURE, as I am a Disabled, recovering Cancer patient, who's only window to the world, other than those in my home, are via my PC and the Interent...
    In addition, after I UNINSTALLED v7.0.337.000, I ran into a rather bothersome time in getting v6.5.737.000 to reinstall, as it had done several time before, without incident... It seems that the UNINSTALL process of the lastest v7.0.337.000, is LESS THAN ACCEPTABLE, as it left some of the ZoneAlarm 'TrueVector' components not only installed on my PC, but ACTIVE & RUNNING, despite multiple shutdown-restart and complete shutdown-powerdown-restarts.
    In order for me to be able to reinstall the previous version of ZoneAlarm normally, I had to manually, 'PHYSICALLY DELETE' not only the ZoneAlarm Folder under the Program_Files Directory, but also under the SYSTEM32 Directory as well, and then once again power-shutdown-restart my PC, after which, ZoneAlarm v6.5.737.000 installed without incident.
    While this was not a terrible amount of trouble to go through, to restore my DUAL-ANTI-VIRUS SHIELD, as I've been building / using PC's since their inception back in the mid 80's.
    Most unfortunately however, there was not a single mention of any of these sort of problems in any of the ZoneLabs FAQ's or Help Files, ANYWHERE !!!
    As such, I feel very sorry for those who are not as experienced at the inner-workings of PC's as I...
    So, in closing, my recommendation to EVERYONE, is DO NOT USE v7.0.337.000 unless you are comfortable in sacrificing what I consider to be a most valuable aspect of v6.5.737.000, that being its ability to allow 'multiple anti-virus' programs to run simultaneously, which provides a significantly enhanced level of Anti-Virus, Spyware, AdWare and Anti-Phishing, which I am NOT willing to sacrifice, anytime soon...
    All comments, both Pro and Con are always welcome...
    Most Respectfully,

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite - v 7.0.337.000 -vs- v 6.5.737.000

    Hi!Malware and viruses has very much evolved in the last few years... so you are correct to say that with "old" tools you need a multilayer defence in order to stop viruses, malware and riskware in general...Nowadays, AV/AS/Security tools haveevolved very much and become more complex, more strong and more specialised...Not even your DUAL protection will be enough. Consider that CA AV (in ZA 6.5) is just an average AV, with scarce ability to deal with trojans and spyware. Norton is a good product and very good detection but updates to signature is very slow. So the combination of CA AV + Norton is good but IMO not up to ZASS 7 and its new engine licensed by Kaspersky.With ZASS you get one of the best AV engine on the market today, with top detection and hourly update to deal faster against emerging malware.Please compare the detection of KAV 6 (same AV engine and detection in ZASS) and the rest of the AV on the market here: . A separate test is also available for the CA AV (the results are quite bad for CA).Yes, I agree with you on having more tools to add to your main antivirus but your combination is still weak as compared to ZASS/ZAAV 7. You can combine your main AV with HIPS (e.g. Prevx) or other on demand scanners (superantipsyware) but do not combine two AVs (realtime)....Hope this helps,Fax

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