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Thread: Cursor controlling malware???

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    pendragon Guest

    Default Cursor controlling malware???

    Hi all,

    I've had a problem with my cursor for a good month now and it's increasing in it's severity.
    It's intermittent so I have no idea on the cause - I don't think it's a hardware issue the only thing I can think of is some
    kind of rogue software or joke software that controls the cursor.

    The problem is every now and again I lose total control of the cursor, it may leap to the top of the screen,
    a 100 or so pixels to the left or right, or freeze for lengthy periods more regularly now for good until I reboot.
    Initially I had a wireless mouse and keyboard and my keyboard would freeze too disabling any kind of input. Everything
    else would work fine ie mouse and pc, but I'd have to reboot to get the keyboard working again.

    I removed the wireless keyboard and mouse (after trying new batteries etc) and resorted to the old style wired com port
    keyboard and mouse. The problems with the keyboard stopped, however the mouse ones have got worse. In the space of 2 hrs
    today working I've had to reboot 9 times.

    I have zonealarm security suite and I check for viruses and spyware regularly. O/S Windows XP Pro.

    Any help would be gratefully accepted as I'm finding it hard to work!

    Cheers Kieron

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Cursor controlling malware???

    Hi!if you have the lastest ZASS 7 (7.0.337.000), updated and running, I doubt its malware...But to cross check try the following FREE scanners:Ewido: Anti-malware: you tried to borrow a mouse and cross-check?Fax

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Cursor controlling malware???

    Dear pendragon:

    Have you used Windows Update recently to patch your XP Pro operating system?

    Microsoft recently release a patch to prevent remote code execution on .ani, .cur, and .ico files. The first 2 types of files are used exclusively by the mouse input device.
    This may or may not correct your problem but it is a good first step to try.

    Another thing to try is to reinstall your wireless mouse software. I'm assuming that you uninstalled it when you went back to your wired mouse.

    Please post your results.


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    Default Re: Cursor controlling malware???

    One more thing - change your mouse! If the current is drifting and bouncing around the screen like a rabbit, plug in a new mouse and if it does the same.

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    Default Re: Cursor controlling malware???

    Check fora hair wedged in the red eye below and sometimes just some dirt causes a problem. I actually clean my up once in a while.

    Best regards.

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    pendragon Guest

    Default Re: Cursor controlling malware???

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the advice - sorry I haven't replied sooner but to avoid throwing the pc out of the window
    I decided to have a day's break from using it.

    I will try a new mouse and use that suggested malware software to look for anything nasty etc and get back to you.

    As for windows update, I am up to date and had heard about that .ani problem - it doesn't appear to be that though.

    Thanks again,


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    Default Re: Cursor controlling malware???

    Never throw the PC out of the window. Throw the window out of the PC instead.

    BTW Sledge hammers are better than tossing out the window . Tossing is only once, but the hammer is many many times. Much more satisfying in the end!

    Best regards.

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