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Thread: $_3472452.TMP creating a new process

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    Default $_3472452.TMP creating a new process

    I keep getting a Zone Alarm message intermittently saying that $_3472452.TMP is trying to create a new process.
    I used the Zone Alarm Program Control to kill the program - I have tried searching the files and registry for a reference to this file, but I can't find it.
    I got the
    info below
    in the technical info tab when the program tried to execute again.
    Is this legit, and if so, why has it only just appeared?

    I have ZoneAlarm Pro and McAfee Security Centre - both are up to date, as are the XP security patches.
    Thanks for any help.

    <a target="_blank"></a>$_3472452.TMP has been blocked from creating a new process.The current security setting for $_3472452.TMP does not permit this action.Your computer is safe.Inside the OSFirewall alertAlert propertyAlert property valueTechnical explanationProgram Name$_3472452.TMPA program running on your computer, which attempted an action that it is not currently permitted to perform.Program Size14336The size of the program executable file in bytes.Program MD58f078ae4ed187aaabc0a305146de6716The MD5 hash, or number, that uniquely identifies the executable.Smart Checksumcb7da36fd45d1f1a168e0fa3e6285a03The SKIMP hash, or number, that uniquely identifies the executable.Date ModifiedAug-04-2004 12:56:58 AMThe date when No Program File was most recently modified.Event TypeProcessThe event involved starting or terminating a thread or process.Sub Event TypeStartupProcess$_3472452.TMP attempted to start up.Command Line u The command being used to start up the process.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: $_3472452.TMP creating a new process

    Files with the "$" in front are located in the WINDOWS Directory. Check the WINDOWS folder and check the WINDOWS\Temp folder.

    Did a Windows/Office update or use the Windows Defender?

    Plus clicking the item in the Program list of the ZA will show the Properties option and use that to locate the file and the vendor/version and the time/date. This will aid you in finding out what and when and why.

    Best regards.

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