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    can anyone help me??every time i scan for spyware zone alarm finds and delete 2o7 and overture.about 10 times todaymany times it shut down my pc

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    Neither of these two are spyware.

    207 and overture are just cookies. These can be blocked as third party cookies in the privacy' web filtering of the ZA or blocked in the browser itself. Just clean the cookie cache before scanning- then they will n ot show in the scans. It should not be neccessary to do spyware scan ten times on one day- that is unusual or overdoing it. Cookies are not related to any PC shutdowns. is part of omniture (ad/search/marketing corporation) and is part of the yahoo search marketing (ad/search/marketing corporation).

    Privacy of the ZA:

    Block tracking (third party cookies) cookies in the browser:

    Plus the ZA has a browser/file/cookie cleaner built in it. It is easy to set which cookies to keep or remove. The cleaner can be scheduled for easy clean ups.


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