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Thread: Computer Unable to Function At All

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    starburst Guest

    Default Computer Unable to Function At All

    I was on the computer this morning and clicked on an MSN article
    link. My computer froze and a message about something failing to initialize properly may have popped up; I can't recall. When it unfroze, I noticed that ZA Internet Security Suite was no longer running. I started ZA again and everything appeared to work fine. The only other difference in my computer habits was that this morning I updated Prevx at the program's request. It asked me to restart my computer when I was finished updating it, but I didn't have time because I had to finish email before work.

    I came home this afternoon and now my mouse cursor will move but right clicking and left clicking do nothing on any part of the desktop. ZA did not show up as running, even though it should be running all the time. I restarted my computer a couple times, and once it let me click on ZA, but I received a message that said: "insufficient system resources to complete requested service". One of the other times I restarted my computer, I received a message that said: "ctfmon.exe failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142)." I can't even attempt to figure out what's wrong because using the mouse cursor does nothing, whether I click on Start, the internet, anything. I tried Control-Alt-Delete and that too "failed to initialize properly".

    My computer was working fine before this, and I run ZA at all times, as well as do regular virus scans, so I have no idea what to do now. I am currently posting this from a friend's computer. Thanks for any assistance y'all can provide. I'm at my wits' end here. (As if finals week alone isn't bad enough...)

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Computer Unable to Function At All

    Sounds like a computer error.

    Best regards.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Computer Unable to Function At All

    Dear starburst:

    Assuming this isn't a malware variant, just a Windows file,
    see if you can use your keyboard controls(like the Tab and Enter keys) to open up the Start menu, then use the arrow keys to navigate to Control Panel, then to the Regional and Language Options applet. When it opens at the Regional Options tab, use the right arrow key to select the Languages tab, then hit the Tab key so that the Details button is highlighted, then hit Enter. The Text Services and Input Languages dialog box opens at the Settings tab. Use the right arrow key to navigate to the Advanced tab. Use the Tab key to tab down to the option, Turn off advanced text services under the System Configuration section. While highlighted, now hit the spacebar to place a checkmark there. Tab down to the OK button and hit Enter.
    Tab down again to the OK button and hit Enter again. Using the keyboard controls, now reboot. See if this resolves the problem.

    Please post your results.


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