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Thread: "On access" anti-spyware protection.

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    wstern Guest

    Default "On access" anti-spyware protection.


    I have ZAISS7, so of course Kaspersky is providing the "on access" spyware protection.
    But, I would like to install a 2nd real time on access spyware protector (as a 2nd layer of protection).

    I'm sure most of you are familiar with the highly regarded anti-virus comparitives tests
    (which test anti-virus products against hundreds of known viruses). These tests are closely watched
    by the Anti-virus companies and the general public to measure virus protection effectiveness.
    Examples of such anti-virus tests are here:

    What I'm trying to find is the URL's of similar testing companies for Anti-spyware tests.
    If anyone could supply these URL's, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also, AVG's anti-spyware free version (contains the anti-spyware technology of ewido).
    Has anyone installed the free AVG anti-spyware's "On access" scanner and found any compatibility problems with ZAISS7 or Kaspersky?

    Thank you,


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: "On access" anti-spyware protection.

    I use AVG AS 7.5 free with ZAISS 6 with no issues. I rarely see complaints about compatibility between ZA and AVG products so it should be fine.

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    Default Re: "On access" anti-spyware protection.

    "I have ZAISS7, so of course Kaspersky is providing the "on access" spyware protection."

    The ZAISS has included the spyscanner from Zone Labs themselves. The AntiVirus is supplied by Kaspersky Labs. The kaspersky engine and definitions base does include malware and spyware besides the traditional antivirus definitions.

    Ewido is not really needed for full time, but could be compatible. I have not used this for some time. But on demand scanners such as a-square free or the freeware version of the superantispyware should fit in nicely. Also the Ewido or the AVG AS can scan the PC just using the online scanner and thus avoid an actual installation.

    A safe site with "rogue" spyscanner blacklists and very reasonable antispyware reviews can be found here>



    The main question I have is why the need for additional antispyware? The web filtering of the Privacy along with the Triple Defense Firewall of the ZA goes far to prevent and stop spyware infections.

    Safe PC practises and useage will prevent the rest of spyware infections.

    Best regards.

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    wstern Guest

    Default Re: "On access" anti-spyware protection.

    Hi Jeruselem,

    How strong is AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 "on access" protection?
    Would you say its about the same effectiveness as Kaspersky's extra database spyware scanning
    which comes with ZAISS7.

    I also have a licensed copy of Webroot Spysweeper version
    This is the older version of Webroot Spysweeper - The newest version is version 5.0 (I don't have this new version).
    I'm trying to determine if Webroot Spysweeper version is compatible with ZAISS7?

    Also, how would you rate the anti-spyware effectiveness of
    AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 compared with: ZAISS7 and Webroot Spysweeper version



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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: "On access" anti-spyware protection.

    Dear wstern:

    PC World has a recent report out for the top 2 antispyware utilities, both commercial ones. They are Webroot's Spy Sweeper and Sunbelt's CounterSpy. PC Magazine added Spyware Doctor.

    I wouldn't have 2 antispyware utilities running their real-time protection concurrently. It could introduce compatibility problems but I've done it before. What I do now is have my best one running real-time and the others I use to perform on-demand scans on a regular basis, including ZAPRO's. I recommend Spy Sweeper as it works well in tests, is hard to disable, and you can password-protect the settings, like ZAPRO.

    Hope this helps.


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    wstern Guest

    Default Re: "On access" anti-spyware protection.

    Hi Oldsod,

    The link you mentioned:
    is an excellent list of unsafe anti-spyware programs which actually fraudulently install spyware on your pc
    instead of trying to remove spyware. It also offers descriptions of legitimate anti-spyware programs.
    Thanks for that link.

    With the huge list of anti-spyware choices, what would really help me to make the best decision is a URL link
    to a highly regarded company which actually tests the effectiveness of the major anti-spyware programs against
    hundreds of current spyware infections. This way, you would have a sorted list (from best to worst) of each
    Anti-Spyware program (sorted by effectiveness in detecting / removing).

    I have a feeling Webroot Spysweeper and also Spyware Doctor would be near the top of the list,
    but that guess was similar to the bad guess I made 6 months ago when I thought McAfee would be at the top
    of the best Anti-virus scanners, only to find out that it was at the bottom, based on the tests at:

    So you can see why a similar link to actual testing of Anti-spyware program effectiveness against hundreds
    of current spyware infections would be so valuable to have, so we could really find the most effective
    anti-spyware program to use.


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    wstern Guest

    Default Re: "On access" anti-spyware protection.


    I have ZAISS version 7 (which includes Kaspersky Anti-virus and Kaspersky's on access anti-spyware via Kaspersky's
    extended malware database).

    I also have Webroot's Spysweeper version 4.5 (which is older than the current version 5.0).

    Do you know if Webroot Spysweeper version 4.5 and ZAISS7 will conflict with each other?

    Also, how much does Webroot Spysweeper version 4.5 slow down a PC?



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    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: "On access" anti-spyware protection.

    Hi!my 2 cents...Are you having problems with spyware? If not, leave it has it is or if you really need a backup stay away from SS and SD they are very heavy on system.. considering that ZASS 7 is also heavy you will slowdown considerably your PC. SS shield may conflict with ZA OSfirewall (startup, host, etc) and SD can conflict with ZA spyware updates.I have seen few cases where ZASS was blocked by the above mentioned software and was not able to clean malware.Just a correction... ZASS AV by Kaspersky does an excellent job on spyware and adware. You can check on av-comparatives... they are called PUP's in the comparison tables.You can try lighter solutions like superantispyware (there is a FREE version) or the new Prevx2 (beta right now, also free for ever up to the first infection) that work quite well (so far) with ZASS 7.I had used SS with KIS and I finally removed it because it was only able to find cookies and dead links. So, just a waste of resources.Fax

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    Default Re: "On access" anti-spyware protection.

    I have had full licenses for SpywareSweeper, SpywareDoctor, McAfee AS, Pest Patrol, Spy Emergency and Ewido at one time or another, and of course, still have licenses for the ZA AS and the ZA Pro. I have used A-square free, windows defender, superantispyware, ad-aware, spybot s&d, rogue remover. I have trialed CounterSpy (plus betas), boclean and a few others. Plus numerous security utilities and toys.

    Right now I have zero number of dedicated antispyware scanners installed. Zilch. Nada. Nil.

    But I am perfectly safe from spyware. And from rootkits, trojans, drive-by-spyware installs, keyloggers, worms, viruses, malware, CWS, adware, rats, browser exploits and almost anything else.

    So really I can not recommend a great antispyware scanner. But I suppose the order of the best would be SpySweeper, SpywareDoctor and CounterSpy.

    First the PC is hardened to the nth degree. Less exploits of the PC and less vulnerabilities are available for the baddies to use. By doing this there is also no open ports on the machine. Also, Windows is filtering the allowed inbound TCP and UDP ports and the desired protols, in the properties of the network devices. The registry has some fine tuning for extra networking security. So technically, the laptop can go straight to the cable modem with no firewall and still be in a certain range of safety.
    But I use a SPI/NAT router and an Alphashield (in-front of the router for stealthing the router) for the home LAN. And of course software firewalls for the laptop.

    The use of safe browser such as FireFox or Opera will alone prevent spyware/trojans/malware. These, as you already know, do not use VBScripts or ActiveX or are connected deep into the Windows OS (as opposed to the Internet Explorer). But in addition, just globally dening java, javascripts, other forms of javascripts, blocking ads and the third party cookies will defeat almost all known browser exploits. Not opening unsolicited email and attachments will stop the rest of the exploits from entering the PC. In fact if people just deleted the spam, phishs and the unwanted emails, the amount of bad email in the internet would drop off to almost nothing.

    The use of the limited privilege user account is one of the strongest weapons available to stop malware, spyware and infections. It is not enabled by default in the Windows XP, but has been around for a long time in many OS. The Windows vista is using this method of securing the PC to it's advantage. Spyware does not install or make changes to the settings or add new toolbars or include new BHO or bring popups or registry changes or try to become part of the OS in the limited privilege account. A rootkit may succeed, but users must try hard to get a rootkit on the PC. Those game cheats, strange codec, crackz, downloads from strange sites and free software are simply not worth the hassles. Avoid these like the plague.

    The PC is perfectly secure with what has been mentioned in this reply. This method requires no monies or extra resources or extra attention or introducing new problems from software conflicts or overlapping security issues. The PC will run fast and clean and unrestricted by heavy security applications.

    But I do this in addition, in one way or another:

    firewall (ZA AS, ZA Pro and others)
    host file (MVPS)
    protowall (1.3 billions spy/ad/cws/trojan/bldns sites blocked by all protocol)
    antivirus (KAV6, NOD32, AntiVir -three different PC and all excellent)
    AntiHook 2.6 (do not use with ZA paid or KAV6)
    SSM 2.3 (use with ZA paid, it is okay, but not for the KAV6)
    regprot (diamondcs tool, not needed with ZA and a few more freeware tools from them)
    noscripts.exe (symantec)
    bugoff.exe (merijin)
    HJT (merijin)
    Process Explorer (sysinternals)
    AutoRuns (sysinternal)
    RootKit revealer (sysinternal)
    Index.dat analyzer
    CCleaner (plus freeware from abexo, eusing and winaso)
    TrueCrypt (yes, I have only XP Home, not the Pro
    Plus a few more goodies ..

    There is no OutLook Express, Address Book, Windows Messenger, Internet Games or NetMeeting. These have been completely removed. The registry and all of their files is perfectly cleaned of these microsoft weaknesses. Open Office on the laptop is superior to the Microsoft Office on the desktop, in terms of vulnerabilities or exploits. ThunderBird is safer than Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook.

    Avoid IRC or mIRC and some of the P2P downloads (some will say avoid all P2P). These are notorious for nasties and even have their own specialized malware/trojans/worms/etc.

    Do it this way and you will see no spyware or the need for antispyware scanners.

    Best regards.

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    Default Re: "On access" anti-spyware protection.

    SS 4.5 was probably the best version. Anything later was either heavy on resources or causing conflicts. The newer series introduced new kernel layer drivers and the onset of the beginning of the SS suite. The SS has too many "firewalling" features- spy site blocker, ad blocker and cookie blocker- that are not configurable or will work with the other security. The newer extra deep pentetration into the OS conflicts with firewall and antivirus drivers. Plus they try to include an antivirus to cut out the AV and suites users.

    The same can be said forSpywareDoctor, plus it includes an email/im guard.

    Both of these vendors have firewalls either for free or for sale. Very soon they will become complete security suites based on the antispy as opposed to security suites based on an antivirus or firewall.

    Lavasoft, makers of Ad-Aware, is selling a recyled firewall and may soon sell an av.

    Sunbelt has Counterspy and the transformed Kerio firewall.

    Antiviruses, such as Kaspersky, BitDefender, McAfee and Trend Micro, even in the basic antivirus versions have some forms of port scanning, web scanning, site control and actual web content filtering.

    Antispy scanners and antiviruses are slowly introducing HIPS. The better firewalls such as ZA for example are doing this at the present. In the near future, mixing applications will be very difficult if not impossible.


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    Best regards.

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