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Thread: Also, on my other system, found another infection

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    mrotz Guest

    Default Also, on my other system, found another infection

    Hello again,My other system, also running WinXP Home Edition, was upgraded to the newest ZASS yesterday as well. Upon scan, it found three infections with Trojan-Downloader.Java.Agent.CZASS was unable to treat the item and quarentined it all three times. Now Virus scan runs, but does not indicate that it has scanned any files or found anything. I am unable to use my CD/DVD drive, Microsoft Office utilities cannot run, things are just looking really messy. I have cleaned out the cache in IE and also with the Cache cleaner in ZASS. I have taken the computer offline. Any suggestions?Thanksmrotz

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Also, on my other system, found another infection

    Start the PC in the safe mode.

    How to get into safe mode:

    Now run the AV scanner and let it delete all found.

    Restart and the PC will go back into the normal mode. Disable the system restore and rescan.

    This should fix things.

    Best regards.

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    mrotz Guest

    Default Re: Also, on my other system, found another infection

    Hello again,I did a scan in safe mode, ZASS did not appear to find anything. I still cannnot utilize my microsoft office, or any CDs or DVDs. My computer does show a D drive which is where my CD/DVD burner is located, but will not read any disks that I put in there. I cannot back up any data at the moment.
    The security updates were downloaded last week. Quick Time also updated and things started to act funny with that. Then Sun Java had a security update as well. Things got really messy with the ZASS update to version 7.0Not sure what to do now. Thanks for your input.mrotz

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    oddjob Guest

    Default Re: Also, on my other system, found another infection

    Most likely this malware is in the java cache but in a hidden location.

    Do the following ...

    1. Expose all hidden files & folders ...

    2. Go to the java cache location ...

    C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\

    ....and delete everything in the cache folders NOT the folders themselves.

    When done, remember to reverse the "Show hidden files & folders" routine to re-hide them.

    Next you need to update your java. Older versions have vulnerabilities that malware can use to infect your system.

    Please follow these steps to remove older version Java components and update.

    Download the latest version of java here ...

    Scroll down to where it says "The J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications"

    Click the Download button to the right.

    Check the box that says to Accept License Agreement.

    The page will refresh.

    Click on the link to download "Windows Offline Installation" with or without Multi-language and save to your desktop.

    Close any programs you may have running - especially your web browser.

    Go to Start > Control Panel and double-click on Add/Remove Programs; remove all older versions of Java.

    Check any item with Java Runtime Environment (JRE or J2SE) in the name.

    Click the Remove or Change/Remove button.

    Repeat as many times as necessary to remove each Java versions.

    Reboot your computer once all Java components are removed.

    Then double-click on this file on your desktop to install the newest version .....



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