I am just a simple computer owner, didn't even have my first computer course until 1969. But when a program crashes ZA, I fear for the safety of my trusty computer. I am not sure I can trust Microsoft now unconditionally.C:\Windows\System32

requested access to the internet through ZA and at first the notification window showed an "Allow" key, but no "Deny" key. I could not deny, I could not restart the XP system, and I could not unlock anything "currently running." The only path that UZCX would allow was for me to "Allow" internet access. I pressed the power button to shut down the computer.
When I brought up the computer again, as soon as ZA (free version-updated) engaged, there was UZCX wanting the internet and the ZA notification window had no "Deny" key. Then a message that ZA encountered a problem and would shut down. I powered down again immediately. Great fear when a program can crash ZA.
Next time on, F8 to Safe Mode and Search for UZCX.EXE showed the loacation. Properties showed it was a UPNP Manager from Microsoft with the internal name UNKER.EXE ver. 5.1.2600.2180This is a high risk trojan downloader with a brand new name. I isolated it and all associated files using CT Attrib.
I thank ZA for alerting me in such an odd way (no deny key).

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:7.0