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Thread: Trojan - ContraVirus 2.0

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    thecdog Guest

    Default Re: Trojan - ContraVirus 2.0

    katandkj - If you haven't done so already, instead of waiting for Spysweeper to respond to your e-mail, you can submit a Potential Threat Report via Spysweeper - Options - Program - Report Potential Threat. After I submitted
    a report, it took a few e-mails back and forth with their support folk but the solution they sent me today seems to have solved the problem. I have been connected to the Internet for about 1:20 now and ContraVirus 2.0 has not loaded. I'll stay on a little longer and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!

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    omahaslim Guest

    Default Re: Trojan - ContraVirus 2.0 A FIX !!!!

    Dog ...
    YOur miseries will continue as long as the CV "trojan" is sitting in your windows\system file and acting like a "minibrowser" to download.
    I presume your antispyware is trying to stop a download by the browser you are using (IE7?) ... but that's not how the download happens, apparently.
    You actually have (in effect at least) two browsers running.
    It should all stop if you will do Ctrl/alt/del and look for a file likely named XPuupdate (note the TWO "u"s).
    As soon as you do "end task" it should stop.
    It MAY load up again next time you boot up, if you don't want to look in your windows/system file and delete it ... but even if it does, if you boot up and to Ctrl/alt/del and select "XPuupdate" and
    and "end task" it will stop again.
    You can do that every time you boot up until either you or some service can delete the "XPuupdate.exe" file from your windows\system folder.

    However, there is no real danger here ... if you delete the wrong file, if you know how to go to your "trash" folder and do a "restore" of the file you deleted, that's the worst that can happen .... as long as you don't empty "trash".
    II'll see if I can find "spysweeper" and tip them off to the problem, too.

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    thecdog Guest

    Default Re: Trojan - ContraVirus 2.0 A FIX !!!!

    omaha - Spysweeper support seems to have fixed the problem. First they did something with a registry and then loaded some sort of removal program. I'm not tech savvy enough to explain it any better. I have logged on and off the Internet 3 times since the removal program ran and stayed active on the Internet for about 6 hours total and have not seen any evidence that ContraVirus 2.0 is still there. Thank for your help.
    In fact, thanks to all who offered assistance. Good luck to anyone who gets this thing on their computer.

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    Dec 2005

    Default Re: Trojan - ContraVirus 2.0 A FIX !!!!

    That does make sense. Any trojan or sophisticated malware will integrate itself into the Windows OS. It then is part of the Windows OS and then any removal attempts is very difficult.

    By removing it's registry keys first the files are no longer registered. Then the files of the contravirus can be easily removed. Usually the manual removal and the removal by security scanners do both and the next reboot will usually show the PC as clean.

    Some applications such as SpySweeper will do the removal on the boot, when Windows is not finished loading- the removal of files and registry keys is very easy.

    Some antiviruses have excellent "ripping powers' to remove malware/trojan/virus files and keys.
    But when they remove many of the common "spyware", they usually miss some or all of the registry keys. The spyware is usually dead, but with some remmants. A manual clean or file/reg cleaner is a good followup to remove those dead remmants.


    Best regards.

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    tvazntpfh Guest

    Default Re: Trojan - ContraVirus 2.0

    I am happy that I saw this message. I went to a site from a google search and Firefox disappeared from my screen. A small box appeared in the lower right hand corner of my screen that said that if my computer has been running slow, lately, it might be because I have the ContraVirus. It had yes and no buttons for doing a scan. I clicked on the "X" to close the box and Firefox started up. On the top title it showed that I was going to a site about the ContraVirus. I immediately closed Firefox and did a quick cleanup of my cache, temp files, etc. I don't see any evidence that I picked up anything but it looks like I had a close call for ContraVirus or something taking advantage of it. Something that scares me is that SiteAdvisor and Finjan Secure Browsing (which is similar to SiteAdvisor) both rated the site "green." I don't remember the name of the site. I did not get any alerts from ZAIS 7, either. I will be doing an anti-virus and anti-spyware scan with ZAIS in a few minutes. I also have SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition, a-squared free, and Ad-Aware 2007 for situations like this and will do scans with them, also. It looks like it may be very easy to pick up this malware and others may be taking advantage of it to load their garbage. It just goes to show that super paranoia on the internet can be a healthy thing!

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    zheansmith Guest

    Default Re: Trojan - ContraVirus 2.0

    i've succesfully removed contravirus using removal instructions on http://www.spyware-removal-guideline...avirus-removal

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    tiggerbiggs Guest

    Default Re: ContraVirus 2.0 What about ZA?

    I just installed ZA, trying to get rid of that ContraVirus. I downloaded the most recent ZoneAlarm database today, then ran the scan. But although I certainly have ContraVirus active in my system--ZA did not detect it. Is ZA working on this? If so, when is a cure expected? Thank you.

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    Default Re: ContraVirus 2.0 What about ZA?

    Did you actually installed ZASS or ZAAV? Or ZApro only?Try to upload the contravirus to www.virustotal.comIf this is detected by Kaspersky antivirus than is also detected by ZASS/ZAAV (they use the same AV engine)Cheers,Fax

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    thecdog Guest

    Default Re: ContraVirus 2.0 What about ZA?

    Hi and thanks for your suggestion. I have ZAPro only. The trojan has already been successfully removed. The tech folk at SpySweeper removed it.

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    thecdog Guest

    Default Re: ContraVirus 2.0 What about ZA?

    Hi, I ended up having the tech support folk at SpySweeper remove the trojan. Had to allow them access to my hard drive and they eventually (within a couple of days of analyzing the problem) sent me a download that removed it within minutes. Haven't had any problem with it since. Sorry I can't be more help; I'm really not much of a techie.

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