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Thread: win32 trojan.psw something something something

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    Default win32 trojan.psw something something something

    I got some sort of win 32 trojan psw possibly an L, I'm not sure because it's tiny and hard to read and I can't cut and paste it.
    It seems to be related to Invest Tools software.
    Is this a false positve?
    I have a headache now and am becoming cross.
    Why don't they make it easy for you to cut and paste so you can do a google search?
    Or at least have the name of thing thing on the "more information" page?
    Why does it have to be so fustrating?
    I don't understand that.
    Cut and paste has been around for about 1,000 years at this point and it is useful.
    But at least they are now telling me what program the trojan/malware is associated with which is a huge, huge improvemnt.
    And at least that can be cut an pasted.
    So why not the name of the tojan?
    It is so stupid.
    Oh, wait I just get the idea to do a screen shot and cut and paste that into photoshop elements.
    I am Genious.
    I cna read it now it is PSW. (of course now I have to flip back and forth, stupid, stupid stupid!).Ldpinch.vm.
    I wonder if it could be any more complicated?
    Be well.

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    Default Re: win32 trojan.psw something something something

    Hi!go to alert and log tabs --> Alert type --> antispyware orantivirus ---> select the entry --> look down (entry detail) --> right click --> COPY --> PASTE wherever...Fax

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