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    ssri Guest


    Does ZASS protect us from MPACK MALWARE/URL?

    please see the url link below


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    tvazntpfh Guest

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    PC World has an article that provides some additional information about this issue:,13...l?tk=nl_dnxnws

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    ssri Guest

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    this is an important issue. Do we have any information about protection/detection offered by ZASS?

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    For sure this is already in the ZASS database...Unfortunately, each company mark differently the name of the virus(es).So, it is difficult to find it...ZASS uses the Kaspersky engine for realtime antivirus/antispyware detection.You can have a look here (below link) where all information about viruses detected by KAV/ZASS 7 are listed.,Fax

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    ssri Guest

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    That's nice to hear Fax.

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    Here's a little information about Mpack
    MPack, the great hype generator

    There has been a lot of hype around MPack. As a result consumers are asking anti-virus vendors if they detect it. For the average consumer detecting MPack is of no value. MPack was reportedly found on over 10,000 web servers, however not a single visitor to those sites was infected with MPack. MPack is only a slingshot. You can put whatever you want in a slingshot and fire away. If NOD32 detects MPack on a web server and it isn t your web server it does you no good. MPack isn t what gets delivered to you. The visitor to an MPack afflicted server was potentially infected by lots of other malicious software. The single best defense against MPack for the end user is keeping their operating system and applications patched. Anti-virus is a really good idea too, but if you had a current and fully patched system with default browser settings MPack isn t really a problem for you. When I say fully patched system this includes not only the operating system, but all of your applications. Do you run Firefox? Opera? iTunes? Internet Explorer? An instant messaging program of any type? If you do not keep your system current then MPack is only one of numerous threats and not deserving of any special recognition. Worrying about MPack is like inspecting one tire on your car and driving off without caring about the other three.

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    tvazntpfh Guest

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    This keeps getting worse. Here is a new article from PC World on developments from the last few days:,13...s/article.html

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    ssri Guest

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    It is a very interesting post. Thanks very much. I read through the post. My system, all applications, browser (firefox), itunes and messenger are up to date.
    the main concern is: if this malware is redirecting a web address to a mirror site, then the users passwords and other security details may be compromised. This is true in the case of an average user. Of course, an experienced user may be able to differentiate between a secured and otherwise site by looking for https://, a lock symbol at the bottom of the brower and so on.
    Is the firewall capable of idetifying such a potential hijacking of the web stie?
    If I am not wrong, this may be
    a firewall issue than antivirus. Some security suites claim that their suites detect these malware. With ZA firewall being the best available firewall in the market today, I was a little surprised that there was no mention of this "MPACK fiasco" to assure their subscribers that all is well their ZASS.

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