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Thread: Hey, salvador - If your PC is Infested w/Spyware

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    Default Hey, salvador - If your PC is Infested w/Spyware

    Please see
    - click here >
    - follow the directions of chapter - &quot;If Your PC is Infected w/Spyware"<hr>and also see the chapter on &quot;Rogue/Suspect Anti-spyware Products&quot; - your XoftSpy/XsoftSpySE was a rogue or is a rogue=bad software -;q...=Google+Search
    .= red X, bad site. GET RID OF IT and I think I while back you were talking of another rogue/suspect software 'spy-sweeper' = which is a rogue/bad site that is trying to imitate the real Webroot Spysweeper. It is quite possible that these software that you were spam &quot;advertising&quot; and have used - has given you the malware problems you are having.<hr>From the spywarewarrior -click here &gt;

    = here you can find a small list of real trustworthy security software to use - USE THESE ONLY; and nothing else that sounds like the 200+ rogue/suspect anti-spyware products listed.<hr>Anyhow, go to the first link above and follow those directions; go to those spyware removal forum/ websites to help you identify and clean your pc, ok.<hr>B-)NaiveMelody 7-4-07 - free yourself - of your vices

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    Default Re: Hey, salvador - If your PC is Infested w/Spyware

    Hi NaiveMelody

    The first post by salvador told ZA`users about the "free" download" for a rogue spyware scanner. The post advertising this evil software was banned.

    Now the later posts from salvadoe are asking for help for removing trojan/malware. Think there might be a connection to the two types of events or some special planned?

    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Hey, salvador - If your PC is Infested w/Spyware

    Hi!Ibelieve the user is spamming several boards with fake messages about infections.Magically after sometime another user (probably the same origin) will post about a wonderful (rouge!) antispyware cleaning whatever infection found.So, just ignore... the post.Cheers,Fax

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